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>> i'm praying that he did. if he did, you should see some changes in his actions. >> you are paced in baltimore. you touched on medication earlier. as you know the health outcome of patients on medicaid are a poorer than they are for patients with private insurance. but this is a big debate in countries around the country, whether they should expand their medicaid programs at obamacare requires them to do. if you were advising the governor of maryland what would you tell them to do with the medicaid expansion some. >> i would say we need to start talking about something that makes sense. it doesn't make a lot of sense to invest a lot of our eggs in something that doesn't work. >> real quick. >> i'm a former teacher and dean and i just want to know how do we get young people to care about the debt and deficit? >> i think we have to give them examples like the one i gave, 507,000 years so they begin to understand what we are faying.
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>> go ahead, quick. >> i was going say it's easier to be ignorant and reliant than it is to be responsible and informed. how do you change that? >> well, one of the things we are going to have to do, and i don't have a lot of time to get into it, but we have to use technology. there's some wonderful ways we can use that. virtual classrooms, it can help us enormously. i'm working on that project with something in baltimore right now. >> of your scholarship fund. >> carson's everyone get involved. [applause] >> thank you very much. >> that is all the time we have left. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. with will see you back
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should doing this be illegal? [ laughter ] >> walking and texting. new measures to reign in texting while walking through crosswalks. is that a good idea or too much government? >> he bumps into me all the time. >> he bumps into poles. >> "fox & friends" begins right now. >> hey, this is mike roe from dirty jobs. you are watching "fox & friends," cleanest people i have seen in ages. [rooster crowing] >> must be watching this show. papers everywhere. >> good morning, everybody. great to be with you guys. i feel like i haven't seen you for a long time.
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>> i was traveling. anyways, the holidays, did that just happen? >> i guess so. maybe that's the problem. >> nice to see you, tucker. >> good morning. >> we have a lot coming up this morning a primal workout. alisyn on all fours making a tiger. is that right? >> wow! >> that's what i hear. they tell me i'm going to be acting like some sort of wild beast. >> is that in your contract, alisyn? >> thank you, tucker. thank you. >> i'm going to get my lawyer on the phone as soon as he wakes up. >> massive meteor breaking apart over russia. another meteor overnight. this one over california. dash cam video. wow. of the official falling from the sky over san francisco. [explosion] [screams] >> that was the scene in
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russia. we now know some 1200 people were hurt when that 11-ton meteor fell from the sky there it's estimated the explosion did about $33 million worth of damage. former chicago congressman jesse jackson jr. and his wife plea deal. scheme to use campaign donations for personal use including to buy luxury items like a $43,000 rolex watch. could face prison time and fines. police now believe rogue california former cop christopher dorner committed suicide amid a fierce shootout with officers. his bodies with found in burned out of -- autopsy results show he died single gunshot wound to the head. believed to have killed four people including two police officers. customers on that crippled cruise ship thought their nightmare was over. a bus taking them from mobile,
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alabama to new orleans broke down half way there. >> come on. [sigh] >> another one was sent to pick them up. >> it was their fault. stop blaming carnival. it's your fault. >> apparently. >> lawsuit been filed against carnival for what she calls horrific conditions on board. the suit likely will not be the last. >> are you thinking about suing the company? >> i thought about it, yes. i'm pretty sure everybody is going to do that. >> he needs to go into room 7731, shut that door in the darkness and try to live in there for three minutes. >> some lawyer said a case against carnival might be hard to pursue since no one was hurt. >> that's a good question this morning. should these people be suing carnival crews line? let us any what you think about that accidents happen. the engine caught on fire. there was some sort of malpractice or they let this thing run dilapidated.
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>> i think it's ludicrous. it's ludicrous. of course it is. it's a sad thing. i wouldn't want to have been on the boat. i feel sorry for anyone who was. it doesn't mean you are entitled to get rich from it. >> if you are stuck in human excrement for four days? >> does that mine are entitled to money? how does that work exactly. >> if you go visit a friend for the weekend and they have a sewage problem, rick, let's go to rick's house. and rick's house has a sewage problem at his house. >> that's because you wouldn't get out of bathroom. >> right. >> does that mean i'm going to sue you because you had a sewage problem. >> i think they did suffer a real ordeal. i think we are way too intuitive. >> if the ship had problems ahead of sometime. >> there are suggestions it may have. >> we will find out. >> i'm a huge fan of the real world challenges on mtv. basically that a three day challenge on road rules that you have to get through and suffer through.
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>> like cannon ball run. >> people volume fear for that. >> at the end you win like 100 grand or something. >> maybe it was a bad example. >> here are your temps as you are waking up this morning. another cold one to the north. colder moving in towards florida and it's going to be probably about the coldest air mass tonight and tomorrow night that you have had across florida once this front gets through. this is a front also bringing some snow today across parts of the northeast. light snow. not going to cause any problems. people who have had so much snow last weekend because of the big blizzard don't want anymore. round one. bring an inch or or so of snow across new england. second part snow that develops down across parts of the mid-atlantic. snow across the carolinas. don't often see that might see one to three inches of snow accumulating today and tonight carolinas. even the coastal areas of the carolinas by the time we get into tonight. this turns into a developing coastal storm tomorrow. fortunately it's going to stay much further toward the east.
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there had been talk this week that maybe we would be dealing with another big storm. i think it's going to be a little bit too far to the east. we will see maybe 3 to 5 inches of snow accumulating across cape cod and the islands and boston getting three to four inches as well. here are your high temps for the day today. tomorrow we remain very cold. temps in across the northeast remain very cold. this is the time of year where it's getting to you. it's getting to me. is it getting to you. >> that's why i'm escaping tomorrow to the tropics. >> do you remember this ad from the presidential campaign. it was run by the hillary clinton president for. 3:00 a.m. every president faces a foreign policy crisis. do you want this man, senator barack obama answering that phone call at 3:00 a.m.? well, it turns out, suddenly a relevant question. >> suddenly a relevant question because on the afternoon of september 11th, 2012, of course the day of the
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benghazi attacks that unfolded, there was some question now at least being raised by republican congressman louie gohmert as to why -- how responsive was the president during this entire time? well, we know in the afternoon he did speak with his. >> leon panetta and general demps is i. >> 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon. louie gohmert raising this point 3:00 a.m. and whether or not he was able to sleep through all of these unfolding problems in benghazi, listen. >> president required a sleep aid that night but if he did, anybody else in america has trouble sleeping, you better get what he had because it works well. how the president of the united states could sleep that night as the ambassador that he put in place, that he put in harm's way was under attack or he had been kidnapped. being brutalized unspeakable
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things being done to his person, his body. >> it would be helpful to know what the president did from the time that he got word of the attack. the attack started in washington, d.c. time at 3:42 in the afternoon. so, then there were 8 hours while it transpired and the only thing that we know from the congressional hearings is that the president had a half an hour conversation with leon panetta and general dempsey. we don't know what else the president was doing. the next time we know something about his schedule, it was the next day when he finally called the libyan president. it wasn't until september 12th and he was going on the fundraising trip to las vegas. it would just be helpful to know what was going on inside the white house? was he meeting in the situation room? who was he calling? who was he talking to? that is still shrouded in lots of questions. >> it would be helpful to know what has happened since. we know what hasn't happened.
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no one taken into custody. no one held or questioned. it shows the faces of a lot of the attackers. none of them appear to be answering questions from the u.s. authorities. why is that? >> the president says this is the most apparent administration in history. other day on the google hangout forum. answering questions about transparency. i have been transparent with just about everything. most of the issues around national security we can't be as open about. then talking about benghazi. all the questions around benghazi have been answered. this is what the said. >> this is the most transparent administration in history there are a handful of issues. mostly around national security. where people have legitimate questions. where they are still concerned about whether or not we have all the information we need. benghazi was good example of that. that was driven by campaign stuff. we have had had more testimony and more paper provided to congress than ever before and congress is sort of running
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out of things to ask. >> so, in other words, be quiet, shut up, stop asking questions, about there is nothing to see here. move on along, a national security issue. a lot of paper generated on, this really all the answers have been given. in fact, the most basic answers remain unanswered. >> absolutely. in fact, he says they are running out of questions to ask. in fact, it sounds like every time they interview someone. for instance this happened to leon panetta it actually begs more questions. >> where are the sur vifers and why haven't we heard from them? >> excellent question. >> lindsey graham asking whether anyone has been held accountable. anyone fired? paid administrative leave. this happens in washington paid administrative leave they quietly come back to work a little bit later and hope the smoke has cleared. there is still a lot of questions congress is asking of the administration that they haven't had answers from. >> there has been s. a study done by kaiser health news. this comes to us from some crazy outfit called daily
3:13 am
caller. it shows that $2 billion of taxpayer money a year is spent on providing aid, medical aid for pregnant illegal immigrants when they show up in the hospital, obviously it is not our style to turn anyone away when they are in labor. to the tune of $2 billion we have been paying for them to have babies keep in mind this is illegal. they are not eligible for receiving federal welfare benefits or shouldn't be. yet, that's where this money is coming from. no one is doing anything about it. >> illegal, yes, because medicaid is not supposed to go to illegal immigrants and to funding if you are not a u.s. citizen. however in 1980s, a law was put in congress to vote on this to make sure that no one in the delivery room or no one in the emergency room was turned away that all patients need to be stabilized in an
3:14 am
emergency situation. they are not asked to ask about legal status or citizenship. you have these two opposing laws here. on the one hand the hospital is not supposed to ask anything about legal status. on the other hand, medicaid is not supposed to go to fund illegal immigration. >> they have to force immigration law. this is going to happen as long as we don't control our borders. listen to stephan camerota. on reporting live -- o'reilly here is what he said. >> treat them and provide services. if a kid shows up to school we are going today indicate them. if you want to avoid the cost enforce your immigration laws and cause people to go home. otherwise, this is what is going to happen. there is no middle ground here. well, we will let him here but we won't give him education. we will let them here but won't way for their health care. >> are you supposed to turn them away? they can't ask these questions. let us know what you think about. this friends
3:15 am
ff weekend we will be discussing discussing this throughout the show. >> high school wrestler penalized for two second prayer he does before every match. is that fair or foul? >> the force of 20 atomic bombs. [screams] [explosions] >> the meteor the size of a bus rocks siberia with no warning. can we expect more of that chaos from outerspace? words from an expert that might surprise you. so you say men are superior drivers?
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but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money.stor. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. >> well, a story everyone is talking about. 10-ton meteor crashing into
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central russia on friday as onlookers watched in horror magna. meteor explosion triggered chaos in the streets. more than a thousand people were injured including 200 children. then last night another meteor spotted here in the united states. take a look at this video caught on dash cam video in the bay area in california. what is going on? why are we seeing all these meteors suddenly. popular science magazine dave mosier. nice to see you this morning. >> nice to see you. are we seeing more of these as a result of camera phones smart phones or seeing a spike of the number of meteors hitting earth lately? >> it's absolutely because we have cam ares in our dash phones, cell phones, these are logging meteors all over the place. in russia where there is a lot of crime, corruption. drivers put these in their dash because they want to be
3:20 am
able to go to court and say look, this guy threw himself in front of my car they have prolific amount of cameras in their dash boards. >> this seemed at least in recent memory to be larger than anything we have seen, right? >> yeah, scientists are saying this particular event was one that injured more people than anybody has ever known about. people being a could word there had been very large asteroids wiped out species millions of years ago. in 1908 one of the biggest recent asteroid events maybe we will get pictures of this later in the show. that blast in 1908 happened in a very pretty close proximity to what happened in russia the other day in siberia why does it seem like siberia seems to
3:21 am
be a target for these blasts? >> it's easy to think that most of the regions of earth are remote. there are not people there. in siberia is very large. i mean, it's just statistics working here. when the meteor comes over the earth and air blast above land. it's going knob a place like siberia or a desert. >> let's talk about warning signs, people scared. we hear a congressional panel here on the safety of the united states author these type of blasts. 20 atomic bombs. that's no joke. something like that hits a major city we could be in a world of hurt are there any warning signs we could plan for as it relates to meteors? >> the warning signs are actually going to be amateur astronomers right now. those people have the most eyes on the sky. even nasa is looking at the skies but in terms of shear numbers, there are lots of people out in their backyards with telescopes looking up at the sky and this -- asteroid
3:22 am
that missed us was discovered by amateurs. >> i knew save the world. dave mosier good to see you this morning. thanks for insight. appreciate it unbelievable video high speed police chase horrific ending. car crashing right into the cruiser. whole thing caught on camera. this happens way too much. and then for the first time in almost 600 years the pope has resigned. if you have got a lifelong career, like the pontiff, when is the right time to call it quits? fbn nicole petallides is here to talk about retirement coming up. hey nicole. she will be in here in a second.
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>> quick headlines for you. reinstate the draft and include women? new york democrat charles rangle just introduced legislation calling for just that he claims since the pentagon is allowing women to serve they should be included in the draft. rangel wants no exemption for students enrolled in college. facebook the latest high profile company to be hackers. clicked on a web site that was compromised and it installed mall ware on their computers. the company says there is no evidence that any customer data was exposed. alisyn, tucker? >> thank you, clayton. when pope benedict made his shocking announcement this week that he would be stepping down. first time in almost 600 years that a pope retired from what is always a lifelong position. >> but there are plenty of professionals who also have lifelong careers so if you are one of them. how do you know if you should call it quits? here with the answers is fox business network's nicole petallides.
3:27 am
>> or maybe good ideas. i don't know if i have the answers. this is a tricky topic. >> how do you know when it's a good time to retire? >> we have two ideas. the list of yes and when you should retire and when you really should step back. let's start with some ideas. you have a solid nest egg. it takes a lot of money to retire. so they are saying you should have about $363,000 saved up. but typically most people have about 120,000. it costs a lot of money to retire. if you are planning on spending more. you have to live within your means. low withdrawals. those would be some things. also no penalties at 59.5 to take out from your ira at 62. you start with social security. but all of these things get exhausted. if you can stay on and continue with your pension, and matching and for a few more years and not miserable. you probably should stay on. but those are the reasons. the last one would be you have hobbies and things that you and your spouse agreed on that you would love to do. and that would be fun.
3:28 am
right? whether it's tennis, maybe it's traveling, whatever. that's your yes list. >> how do you know when you shouldn't? how do you discern between feeling frustrated with your job. wishing you had more time off. who doesn't. really knowing it's time to bow out. >> in the research i have done looking at the reason for no. first of it a lot of them is monetary. if you have debt, credit card debt. you have car loans. you are a cosigner. your kids are in college. those are the types of things that really add up. you may want to avoid that also, car and house concerns. is your house making a crazy noise? is your roof leaking. these are going to cost a the love money to get that up and going. don't make any rash decisions? are you recently divorced or widowed and the last thing that came up on my research really and this really is just so obvious. are you passionate about what you are doing? are you an entrepreneur. are you a ceo? are you a professor? is it the kind of thing if you went to a party hey, aren't you the guy who used to own that great italian restaurant?
3:29 am
weren't you the ceo of that company that -- you know, whatever. if you are going to go to a party and someone is going to say that to you and that's just going to kill you, then you probably should stay on and stick with what you are passionate about. >> that's a great point. some so many people do look at retirement brass ring aiming for. your identity is wrapped up in your career. i think people underestimate how sometimes empty they will feel when they radio tire. >> golden years. a lot of people speak with in golden years are less happy than they thought they were going to be. it costs a lot of money to retire. >> wasn't there a middle ground? should you go from 40 hours a week to zero? maybe you could go to 20. >> so happy you mentioned that. part time work. stigma about being welcoming person at wal-mart. to try to get the part-time work is extremely difficult. that's the other part of it. >> maybe worth doing? >> right. >> and the other -- statistics of how many people retire and the age of retirement has been going up. up to 67. it was 63 a decade ago.
3:30 am
in the mid 90's it was age 60. obviously that's going up. i'm figuring by the time i'm ready to retire i will probably never retire. >> 80, 90. >> 101. when i'm a sen centurion. >> imagine this, you are 27,000 feet in the air and the plane's door opens? the only thing holding it closed, this blanket and some scotch tape. the insane true story coming up. >> okay, macgyver. should doing this be illegal? one city wants to make texting and walking against the law. listen up rick reichmuth. is that a good idea? we report, you decide. how do we take an unpolished room and make it shine?
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[screams] [sheep baaahing] >> i lo this. this may be the greatest video of the day. >> what are they saying, clayton? >> they are asking for breakfast. these gotsz sound surprisingly like humans. two-minute long video of goats screaming, just like us. it's become a viral hit. >> i hope they play that during every hour today and tomorrow.
3:35 am
>> we will. >> walk through our newsroom this morning. >> that's what it sounds like. >> that's what it sounds like. >> you think that's scary. what about the dangers of walking. walking and texting on cell stones phones. new government bill proposes to make that illegal. >> assembly bill out in nevada 1, 23, if you are keeping track at home. would make it illegal just in crosswalks. you cannot be browsing the internet. texting they say or surfing the web we have some examples. people do this all the time we have some video that you may want to refresh yourself. man walks into -- watch this. >> a bear? >> a bear.
3:36 am
while texting. [bear growling] >> that's where you see the bear. >> helicopter was tracking this thing. he didn't even notice the hospital in the sky tracking a bear. >> well, in fairness, you don't expect a bear to be walking down the sidewalk. >> do you expect a large fountain toed you suddenly appear in front of you. that's what happened in this woman at the mall was texting. ooptiony daisy. >> walks right into a fountain. wasn't paying attention. this is a giant. i used to work in this mall in redding. this is a massive fountain. i don't know how she missed it and she falls right in the water. >> anything that prevents that from happening i'm against. that's just hilarious. >> you like more. i have more for you. watch this next woman. she is also texting. she goes also into the drink. there you go. >> canal. >> does so great. why would you want to make that illegal? look, i realize that people are injured doing. this people are injured taking a shower. actually. more people die showering.
3:37 am
than die texting. does the government have a role in regulating this? what won't they regulate? >> rick reichmuth is famous for walking through the stadium and nearly walking into traffic and telephone policies. have you ever had a close call like that, rick? >> i have had so many close calls. >> have you wumped into me on the street. hey, buddy. hi, rick. >> the worse part is i riewcially have my ear phones. in listening to music and texting and walking down the street. >> sometimes people will move so you think you can move. so i have had many times like at a crosswalk somebody starts to walk. therefore i think i can walk and then i shouldn't be because i can't hear anything. it's dangerous. >> you are a dangerous man, rick reichmuth. >> i understand the risk of it. >> let us know if you think this is government going too far. friends at fox email us. >> it's a cold, winter who s. here. this week felt like it's mid february and winter has been going on for a long time. unfortunately i have got to tell you a lot cold air
3:38 am
settling back. in very cold across the far northern plains. cold air is diving to the south. we will be dealing with. so a hard freeze warnings in effect panhandle and much of georgia and alabama. one of those nights you have a tough time protecting a lot of the plants out there. temps are going to get into the mid 20's and stay that way for a number of hours. that's going to be all the way down past daytona beach. cold one tonight and tomorrow night. two nights of very cold air across much of florida. take a look at your first alert forecast for the day across the northeast. we have had a little bit of a front move through. brought a little bit of rain and snow in towards the northeast. we will watch for next system down across mid-atlantic bringing snow to the carolinas today and tonight. that doesn't happen very often. that's how cold it is across that area as well. all right. back to you inside. >> thank you, mr. menace to society.
3:39 am
>> thank you, rick. good luck with your texting. more u.s. troops may be deployed to afghanistan or may have to be gone from home longer than usual. if the sequestration happens. >> peter doocy is live in washington this morning with more details on this latest move. hey, peter. >> hey, clayton. and that's right. general ray owe concern narrow the army chief staff anyone deploying in a combat already has money set aside for training and everything else set aside for everything else they need. they might have to see deployment extended since there might not be anyone set to deploy in 2014. for example. we will curtail training for 80% of ground forces. this will impact our units' basic war fighting skills and do recruit soldiers into our
3:40 am
army. >> as he sees it, the only solution is to either extend deployments or send untrained troops to the front lines. neither option is particularly attractive. and republicans are already pointing fingers at the president. >> >> in his state of the union address. president obama himself admitted that these cuts were a really bad idea. what the president failed to mention was that the sequester was his idea, proposed by his great administration, during the debt limit negotiation in 2011 republicans in congress want to replace the defense cuts with even deeper cuts to domestic programs. the president says he he prefers a more balanced approach. >> i disagree with republicans who think we should do that by making even bigger cuts to things like education and job training. that would force our senior citizens and working families to bear the burden of deficit reduction while the wealthiest are asked to do nothing more.
3:41 am
that won't work. we can't just cut our way to prosperity. >> the scweesster is now set to take effect in 13 days but congress is still in recess for 8 more days. >> high speed chase comes to crashing halt and whole thing is caught on camera. >> well, iowa police say the driver took off when they tried to pull him over. at times the chase reached speeds of up to 110 miles per hour. no one was hurt -- i'm sorry, no one was in the cruiser when it was hit. the man behind the wheel did die in the crash with the massive fear outbreak this year. many people turned to online medications, beware, the fadz says unapproved products could not only hurt your wallet but also be dangerous to your
3:42 am
health. the remedies are marketed as generic versions of tamiflu could be con tame nateed contaminated. >> i didn't think there was a shortage this year. >> yes there was. huge outbreak it was brief. >> high school wrestler penalized for praying the student has a tradition of dropping to one knee for two second prayer before competing. before a recent match. the ref gave him a warning for stalling the match. he ended up losing that match. coach says is he looking into this rule. terror in the sky for passengers on board a elm rit flight to hong kong when the emergency door reportedly blew open halfway through the trip. perhaps even more scary. a passenger snapped this photo of a blanket or blankets stuffed into the door to close the gap. he says temperatures plunged along with the cabin special and everyone was panicking, including the crew. elm rit spokesman says the
3:43 am
flight was never in jeopardy. it's good to know your door can blow off and the airplane can land. see people putting their foot up on emergency doors. one kick and could fall open. >> never at risk because doors only open inward. passengers say the noise was so loud they couldn't talk. they could barely breathe and it was freezing. sounds like maybe it was a problem. >> here is another moral of the story. don't use blank blankets to try to stuff up a pressure rised hole. use one of the rubberized pieces of dinner chicken they serve you. that will block. >> three entrees. all right. coming up next on the show. olympic hero blade runner charged with murder and prosecutors say this was no accident. how will they prove their case? dr. keith ablow takes us inside what the prosecution may do next. >> and then from hollywood to congress brand new information on a possible senate run for actress ashley judd. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool
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>> 45 minutes past the hour. time for quick headlines. actress turned senator ashley judd has told drag democratic heavy weights she is considering a run against mitch mcconnell. sources say she is making rounds across the state and decision would be made by may. and he is back. >> half witnessed scruffy looking nerd herder. >> who is scruffy looking? the return of harrison ford as hans so low is a done deal. not known if he will have a episode 7 or a cameo.
3:48 am
i just made clayton's day. >> follow my twitter account. >> famed olympian oscar pistorius accused of murdering his girlfriend on valentine's day no less. charging him with premeditated murder. that of course means he planned to kill her. >> pistorius is fighting those charges. what will the prosecution point to prove their case? joining us now is psychiatrist and member of the fox news medical a team dr. keith ablow. good to see you mount their case in this. it seems like reports were coming out early there was a history of violence. so where do you go? how do you understand this looking at his long history? >> well, what prosecutors will be looking at, what at is this man's history which gives you a window into his psychological makeup. if there were prior allegations of domestic abuse. that paints this person not as so unique, frankly, given that
3:49 am
there is an epidemic of domestic violence and we know that the trajectory of such cases is an escalating one that often ends in tragedy. and so if the prosecutor can demonstrate this is is somebody who has had an issue with multiple women, who then a woman locked in a bathroom who won't come out could get herself shot. >> now, doctor, we are hearing reports this morning that his girlfriend may have been shot through the door. we don't know whether that has a bearing on the case yet. we do know that dleets appear to be disproportionately involved in violent incidents like this. do you think that's right and if show so why? >> i don't know if it's because athletes are so familiar miss that we hear about this. we don't hear about it with movie stars quite as much. we don't hear about it with politicians quite as much. they would get just as big of
3:50 am
headlines. is there an element of narcissism and sort of an overwrought determination that makes these folks unable to incorporate feedback from others and be very controlling? for a person to run through a line of men, set up to oppose his forward momentum like a football player. oj simpson. does that person therefore become resistant to any feedback not to mention all the narcissism and ego that comes with being a gladiator? >> dr. keith ablow, great inside this morning. we aprich united states you joining us. we will -- we appreciate you joining us on the show. >> take could you from ancient as tack warriors. >> top gun, taken inside the cockpit of an f-18 super hornet. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually
3:51 am
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>> you want to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. now you can brand new diet unlocking secrets eating habits of ancient aztec warriors, transform your body and your mind we're told. here to fill us in is the author of the aztec diet. good to see you. >> good to see. >> you tell us about this diet you can lose 30 pounds in 30 days. >> you can. i have been stuck at 207 for years. couldn't move it starner myself. on this 2062, 03, 200, brought down to 190. bike ling race weight. the big thing here is secret component is the chia. true miracle food it fills you
3:55 am
up. if you put in a cup of water it will expand like this. this does this in your stomach so that the big difference with this diet is you feel full all day long and you feel great. >> that's terrific. let's talk about phase one. during which you substitute meals for three smoothies a day. >> this study basically solves all your nutritional problems it has the chia here are three of these chia this is the one i have this is dr. bob blueberry and kale chi every a. honey to make it taste great. i drink these all day long. what it does is it drops your glucose load exphant reason we are overweight. takes the inflammation that boils in our blood and makes us feel terrible all day long and drops it to zero. unbelievable. you have these three times a day. we have lots of varieties. for instance we have a -- we call avacolado. we have another one melon and
3:56 am
great. taste great. >> i would love, to somebody get me a straw. meanwhile, of course you can't just live on smoothies every day you do sort of. for phase 2 of the diet. you start substituting back in a meal like what? >> so basically we want to have lunch and not dinner. the reason for that is that lunch then powers the rest of the afternoon so you have unbelievably great workout. you have vegetables. maybe a grain. chia if you like too. maybe lean fish or chicken. works well. that gives you tremendous energy in the afternoon boosts metabolism. you go back to the smoothie at night because you want very few calories overnight. if you have a lot of calories. your stomach turns. you feel terrible. >> you don't want your body to have to work so hard. turkey burger for lunch. move into phase three. this is where i imagine it gets complicated. this is where you go back to eating normally three meals a day. isn't this when people put back on the pounds. >> they absolutely do. i believe thin people are really successful overweight
3:57 am
people because what i do is i will go back to these. if i'm on a put on two or three. go to wedding. put on the weight. go back to the smoothies. go to aztec meals themselves. incredibly satisfying. they solve all these problems. bringing down your glow coast load and inflammation. as an example here. recipe for turkey burger. turkey in there amarant. scallions. tastes unbelievably great. >> better grains than white flour. you are put in adarant. >> the aztecs when they lived had the best grains in the world. so much better. complete programs. chia has a score of 115 ground round, better man meat. >> wow. >> aztecs were unbelievable go out and fight just with a chia. put it in their pouch. spanish found out and they burned the field to the ground
3:58 am
to win. >> united states to talk to you. >> looks great. i will be getting some magical chia soon and you will see miracle performance on "fox & friends." >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> the coming up the president says he wants free preschool for all. is that a good idea? wait until you hear charles krauthammer's take on that top of the hour. bill o'reilly's best seller. killing lincoln now a tv movie. the stars actor billy campbell and johns are going to join us coming up. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
3:59 am
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[ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer through 6 months.
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[ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events, including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. >> good morning, everyone. it's saturday, february 16th. i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us. meteor mayhem. drops down rocks russia now they are headed for the united states. brand new video just in strit from our own backyard. wait until you see it
4:02 am
president obama wants free preschool for all? sounds good. is it? how much of this new handout is going to cost you? charles krauthammer has. >> best seeing book killing lincoln now a tv movie. the stars of that movie, actors billy campbell and jesse johnson are here this hour. you don't want to miss that "fox & friends" hour two as far starts right now. you are watching "fox & friends" and i apologize for it. >> welcome back, everybody. what are you doing? just out of curiosity? >> i was actually in the green room talking about the diet we were doing the aztec diet. >> i had chia and smoothies and i called montezuma. >> that's great. because, i get a little nervous when one second before we're back from commercial you
4:03 am
are not sitting here. >> honey, i have ever been late? [ laughter ] j is. >> let's talk about. this most clicked on story right now on meteor mayhem out in russia. of course, you saw this massive fireball and the video is incredible. the size of a school bus crashes into siberia. and nasa came out yesterday and said it was the equivalent of 20 atomic bombs. the pressure released from that. unbelievable. >> amazing. how often does this happen and when is it going to happen here? just last night there were some sightings of another meteor in san francisco. apparently it happened 5 to 10 times a year. often in uninhabited areas. thank goodness like siberia yet not always. look at what people were treated to ever driven across the desert. meteor crater not too far from
4:04 am
flag staff, arizona. it happens on a regular basis. now we have more cameras in the sky. dave mosier from popular science was on a little bit while ago he was talking about how prevalent this is. a lot of cameras trained in the sky. listen. >> this particular event was one that injured more people than anybody has ever known about. people being very key word there asteroids wiped out species. amateur astronomers right now. those people have the most eyes on the sky. even nasa is looking at the sky. as asteroid that did miss was was discovered by a amateur. >> they are not going to save us. that's why this story is so instructive. reminder no actually we are not in control of our own
4:05 am
lives another reminder. enjoy every day. don't waste a second and don't worry about things you can't control. >> wait a sengeghtd don't we get some -- you know this. do we get a little warning? do we know two hours before a meteor is coming so i can scramble out of the way? >> there is no escape, alli? [screams] >> try as fast as i can in the other direction. >> in russia many people were hurt by all this flying glass they were in office buildings. all the windows blew out. 1200 people were hurt. if we had a warning something like this was happening. we could, perhaps, seek some shelter. >> yes. cover, i think so. all the cameras in the sky. i think we are getting warnings and we don't have to be by asteroid. >> if you get killed by meteor. it's so much cooler than dying of a conventional illness i'm not even joking. >> life has 100% mortality
4:06 am
rate. not a question of when. >> getting killed by meteor. died of some horrible disease or killed by a meteor one day? >> i like your thinking but i am getting ner next to you. because i think you might be inviting a meteor to the sofa. >> let's bring in rick reichmuth who knows something about meet logical. >> i don't know that much about those to be honest with you. do you think you will be able to tell where it's coming? >> yes. there are cameras in the sky. >> let me finish my thought on this. dave mosier on the show pointed pointed it this out. we need to have near earth observatory. you have private industry looking into. mining asteroids. former apollo astronaut. rufdi. he wants to build near earth observatory we can spot these objects. >> okay, guys, in this town you have got 15 minutes to get out of the way. then what happens? >> i just run from the studio. >> screams. >> more people are going to i
4:07 am
do trying to get out of way. i'm with you tucker. going to happen one way or the other. >> cold air down across targets of the south this morning or actually tomorrow morning, monday morning another cold morning so we have all kind of freeze warnings. miami monday morning getting to 47 degrees. a lot of rain in miami. about an inch and a half over the last couple of days. take a look at the future radar we clear up today and for the most part we remain generally clear. recooler next couple of days we start to warm up by the time we get to monday and tuesday afternoon. this is the front we are dealing with. that's going to bring the cold air there. right now it's bringing snow across parts of new england. not snow like we had with the blizzard last week just some more light snow. there is another coastal storm that's going to develop off of this. bringing snow across the carolinas today and tonight. maybe 1 to 3 inches. this will turn into another coastal storm. only going to bring maybe pretty measurable snowfall around 3 to 5 inches across cape cod and the islands. a little bit towards boston it will be windy tomorrow. we could be looking at
4:08 am
tropical delays across the airports because of that tomorrow. highs today looking like this still cool across much of the great lakes cooler tomorrow across parts of the northeast and nice warm up across parts of the plains. all right. back over to you. >> thanks, rick. get to your headlines and tell you what's been happening while have you been sleeping. >> adding more insult to injury. passengers taking a bus from mobile, alabama, guess what happens. they were on their way to new orleans and they found themselves stranded again their bus broke down halfway there. what did these people do in anywhere past life? another one was sent to pick them up. first lawsuit filed against carnival by a texas woman for what she calls the quote horrific conditions on board. this suit likely will not be the last. >> i thought about it, yes. i'm pretty sure everybody going to do that. >> he needs to go into room 7331 and shut that door in the darkness and try to live in
4:09 am
there for three minutes. >> some lawyers say a case against carnival may be hard to pursue since no one was hurt. >> police believe that rogue california police officer christopher dorner committed suicide amid a shootout with officers. body found in mountains after man hunt hunt. he is died from a single gunshot wound to the head. seven new photos of former al qaeda leader, usama bin laden. have been found but we won't be seeing them any time soon. the department of justice says the pictures of his body after the 2011 raid on his compound are classified and not released to the public. the doj not saying how the new pictures were initially overlooked. you may never get a chance to fly fighter jet. this amazing video might be the next best thing. >> ♪
4:10 am
>> that is cool. top gun's maverick would be proud of this one. cops say video of f-18 fighter pilot twisting and turning his way above the clouds. the pilot took off from the dwight d. highway hour aircraft care jr. >> look at that view. that's where you would be throwing up, clayton. the video shows mid-air refueling. video gone viral on youtube with more than 470,000 views. great stuff. >> thank you, ali. talk about. this because this week during the president's state of the union address. one of the biggest moments, one of the most surprising moments i think from the address in addition to perhaps the minimum wage being raised to $9 an hour was free preschool the in president was calling for. what would the cost be something like that program. >> nothing is is free. >> nothing is free. you can't do free preschool for every child in this country. his argument of course during the state of the union was this sets up every child
4:11 am
across the country for success by having kids be socialized early around other children. have an opportunity for even those who are single moms who don't have an opportunity to go to work and taking care of their children. this would free them up to go to work and get a job. >> if only it were that easy. >> the truth is this makes sense. sounds like a good. anyone who is for this has to answer a question why hasn't head start work? we have been untold billions into it. the verdict is in. it makes no discernible difference. the truth is if your parents are married you have a much better shot at academic and life success than if they are not. 43% of all kids in america born out of wedlock that is the central problem. >> what you are talking about new study from hhs, department of health and human services, released in october. it was a follow-up study to look at the progress if any that head start programs make and what they discovered is that they make a big
4:12 am
difference during the years they are in head start. more verbal and socialized at the very beginning of their life. however, unfortunately the results seem to catch up with their piers by 3rd grade there is no evidence that it did any advantage. >> overwhelming evidence that, again, billions upon billions upon billions of dollars have been spent on this. >> pls would be spent on this program as well. the cost in this $98 billion over 10 years. charles krauthammer was sort of poking fun at this idea on "special report" the other day. take a listen to thinks thoughts. >> from losers to 4-year-olds of america. here they are jumping around, laughing, screaming beings having a great time and obama wants them all to go to school every single one right away. can't wait and why? to prepare them for the high tech economy of the future
4:13 am
can't wait until the age of 56789 no, no, siree can't yet te 5-year-old chinese 4-year-olds be working on solar panels and algae while our 4-year-olds are lulling around and doing nothing. 4-year-olds of america better shape up. have a good day, kids. >> he is making fun of it but underneath it all. there is this problem, certainly among kids whose parents -- do you punish the single parents of this country? focus groups came out after this. democrats were hit among the campaign was among wal-mart moms. democrats didn't do well among the wal-mart moms we heard so much about during the campaign. this preschool polled super high among the wal-mart moms. they were so surprised by it great idea. >> who cares? who cares about the moms or the parents?
4:14 am
it's about the children. and if you are not married, look, i'm not attacking people who, you know, for whatever reason are raising kids alone, i get it on the other hand, the evidence is in, it's not good for kids. overall. it's not. >> what are you supposed to do if they get a divorce or have a choice? >> actually the increase in kids born out of wedlock doesn't come from divorce. it comes from people not being married in the first place. i don't know, without stigmatizing anyone or being mean. maybe suggest maybe the president said get up try to get married whether you have kids, it really helps. in fact it helps more than any other factor. go ahead and do that. >> he is talking about fatherhood. the president has been talking about fatherhood. >> he he has never one time said get married. >> in the past day he has said -- talked about we need to do more support marriage. >> chicago. >> fathers need to do more. we will talk more about this. let us know your thoughts. luckily we have three more hours. the chief under attack and tax dollars paid for it wait until you hear about this. >> then the president, lawmakers in d.c. want to keep
4:15 am
spending your tax dollars. of course they do. where are the cuts we keep hearing about? we are about to find out mardi gras style. wait until you hear this. i'm lorenzo. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service®, works for thousands of home businesses. because at®, you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small.
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4:18 am
try 2 hour express whitestrips. >> let's set party interests aside and work to pass a budget that replaces reckless cuts with smart savings and wise investments in our future. it is not a bigger government we need but a smarter government that sets priorities and invests in broad based growth. we want to make the best products, we also have to invest in the best ideas. now is not the time to gut these job creating investments in science and innovation. today, no area holds more promise than our investments in american energy.
4:19 am
>> well despite the recent scrutiny on spending, president obama pushed for more of it in tuesday night's state of the union address. just so happened to fall on the same day as mardi gras. well next guest has started a campaign called show us your cuts. taking a bourbon street approach to the out-of-control spending now in progress in washington, d.c. joining us executive director of public notice. gretchen hamel. gretchen, welcome, you heard the president say we need to invest in this, that, and the other thing. investment is different from spending though, right? >> oh, no. it's no different at all. investment is just a good word, a good spin on what more spending is. and the president on mardi gras announced that he wanted 20 new programs and said it wasn't going to cost more than a dime. >> so let's take a look at some of the things the president proposed. these investments which you rightly point out which, of course, are spending. minimum wage increase from 7.25 to 9 bucks. expanding preschool programs.
4:20 am
so-called free preschool for everyone. 40 billion toward infrastructure and untold amount but likely trillions for, quote, combating climate change. can we afford all of this? >> that's the question we have to ask ourselves. it's not that these programs wouldn't be good programs. that's debatable. but, we're over $16 trillion in debt. we have seen the debt rise by nearly $6 trillion over the course of the past four years. this president said he was going to cut the deficit in half in his first term and he didn't do that we're stuck in this position where we have been downgraded as a nation nearly two years ago. we can't even get a budget out of congress. they can't even find ways to cut any spending. we're just going to be proposing new programs? i mean, we really have to look in getting our fiscal house in order before we can even think about what else we need to be doing. >> so you are proposing a mardi gras solution to this. tell me about that. >> well, it's part of our talk is cheap campaign. in the beginning of january. we started a campaign calling
4:21 am
everyone out from republicans to democrats on their. george bush is just as guilty as president obama on this. calling them out for the promises that they make on cutting spending. but then never live up to it so with state of the union falling on mardi gras. we thought we would play ask legislators and men and women in congress be in the hall that night to say show us your cuts. >> i love it gretchen hamel. show us your cuts. thanks a lot. good luck with that. >> thank you. next on the run down. facebook made a million dollars last year and paid zero dollars in taxes. and that's not even the worse part. they get a tax refund, too. you try that at home. and bill o'reilly's best seller "killing lincoln" now a television movie. the stars actor billy campbell and jesse johnson, they join us next. >> justice and lasting peace. >> by the hand of a murderer. i can die but once.
4:22 am
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4:25 am
>> 23 minutes past the hour. time for news by the numbers. first, zero. that's how much in connection ix facebook reportedly paid last year. the social media giant got more than $1 billion in tax breaks because of their executive's stock options apparently. and, get this, they will receive a refund of nearly 430 million bucks. something is wrong. next, $20, that's how much a restaurant in japan's signature dish cost. why are we telling you about this? because if you don't finish it, you get fined. the restaurant says fishermen can die getting the ingredients so you are forced to clean your plate. that looks like fish eggs. finally, 30% that's how many office romances went a trip down the aisle. sparks fly with co-workers run
4:26 am
into each other outside of work or have to stay late. >> the assassination of president abraham lincoln. best selling book by boiler. you know him love him. killing lincoln. national gee graphic is chron clink and man who killed him. take a look at killing lincoln. >> at is a fact that rumors of assassination schemes are everywhere now. it remains a constant subject of concern between myself and mr. seward. even in the face of his recovery. >> doors to the white house stand open to one and all. day and night. my life is within reach of anyone sane or mad. by the hand of a murderer i can die but once. to go continually in fear,
4:27 am
that is to die over and over and over again. >> we're joined now by billy campbell and jesse johnson who played president lynn on and his assassin john wilkes booth. >> thanks for having us. >> when you watch that and have to try to get in character, billy. we don't have much to go on. we know what his voice sounded like. we know the way he walked. we don't have any videotape of president lincoln. how do you prepare for a role like that? >> >> the extent of my preparation was diving into the strip and figuratively speaking into the arms of eric genderson who wrote the script. and he was a lincoln fanatic from youth. he was living breathing walking encyclopedia. antidotal evidence lincoln's voice was high and tiny, which we thought would have been a bit distracting. i didn't go for that i didn't know it until i opened my face
4:28 am
to speak for the first time on film what our lincoln would sound like. >> high and continuey. most people hearing the gettysburg address for the first time they couldn't hear him over the den of the crowd. john wilkes booth what we know of him have two dimensional we don't have much to know of him outside of the theater and assassination. it must have been hard for you to bring this character to life in this film to give him more legs than just what we know about him. >> i think that playing a villain you are actually given quite a bit of license to it explore. they are larger than life characters often. and john wilkes booth is no exception. i think that he is probably the consummate villain because he is a dramatic person. things we don't know about him he was a famous actor in the matinee idol like. very popular and well-liked. came from an acting family.
4:29 am
his interpretation of reality was sort of curiously dramatic. the whole world is a stage. i would say is his main platform. >> he was able to walk into ford's theater because people knew him. >> on his home turf. >> people didn't think anything of it let's talk about the myth side of this. for both of these characters it's god to be hard to have these characters be grounded and not be sort of mythical people. they were humans after all, billy. >> i think that was -- if i can speak for jesse, i think that was really the gist of it for both of us. was to find the humanity in both of these things and each of these characters and i know that that is certainly what i focused on. over time lincoln has been iconized. we don't really think of him as a human being. he is as close as we have to a
4:30 am
saint. so my goal was to find the warmth and the connection. >> and tom hanks also plays a role in this film as well. >> yeah, he does. he adds the story telling component. national gee graphic for this first outing in this scripted programming they wanted to keep the film worth its weight in that golden border of national gee graphics. new format. this cocu thriller. watch yesterday's show and see he coined the term. >> i like that. >> i like historical tv film event. you get one incredibly intense action moment to the next dramatic narrative. all this information filled in by tom hanks in the middle. you walk away educated and more importantly entertained.
4:31 am
it's great. >> docu thriller. any way you coin it fascinating. sunday night 8:00 p.m. on the national gee graphic channel called killing lincoln. great to sigh. >> thank you. >> coming up next on the rundown. tea party under attack and tax dollars paid for it wait until you hear this. >> then, would you get this to a lion? woman caught on camera cuddling and kissing the king of the jungle. this day calls you. to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step.
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4:35 am
[kissing] >> kissy, kissy. >> it's your shot of the morning. don't try this at home. a woman kissing and petting these two lions who are acting like loveable house cats until later they ate her. [ laughter ] she says she works at a nonprofit in south africa. spending a lot of time with lions, cheetahs and leopards. oh my. >> don't try this at home, kids. >> they do look adorable and cuddly. >> who wouldn't want to try that though. >> that's the coolest video. [growling] >> until they get hungry. let's go now to washington. because congress hasn't been able to reach a deal yet on this budget. they need to do it by
4:36 am
march 1st. 10% across the board tax cuts will -- i'm sorry cuts in the budget will take effect. and the u.s. military will see the brunt of that so, peter doocy live in washington this morning with more on the sequester. you might be the only one in washington everyone else on vacation there. right? >> there are a lot of people who work in the building behind me who are out of town in their home districts right now, clayton, the latest word from general ray odierno army chief of staff says sequestration extend deployments for servicemen and women already overseas or trained or just send troops who are not trained properly because of budget cuts straight to the front lines before they are ready. >> >> for example, we will curtail training for 80% of ground forces. this will impact our unit's basic war fighting skills and short falls across critical specialties including aviation, intelligence, engineering, and even our ability to recruit soldiers into our army.
4:37 am
remember the cuts haven't even been made yet. republicans are already pointing fingers at the president. >> in his state of the union address. president obama himself admitted that these cuts were a really bad idea. what the president failed to mention was that the sequester his his requested proposed by his administration during the dent limit negotiations in 2011. >> president obama sees things differently though. and he used his weekly address to push a more balanced approach. >> i disagree with republicans who think we should do that by making even bigger cuts to things like education and job training. or medicare and social security benefit. that would force our senior citizens and working families to bear the burden of deficit reduction while the wealthiest are asked to do nothing more. that won't work. we can't just cut our way to prosperity. >> there are still 1313 days left until the sequester is to
4:38 am
take effect. congress is on recess for 8 more days. back to you in new york. >> thanks, peter. >> that's a good time to go on vacation. >> exciting segment coming up. moms, dads out there get the kids up because in just a few minutes, i'm going to show you the best kids apps for preschool. the ones that have been kid tested mother approved and these are fantastic. show them to you on your tablet devices. >> can't wait. get to your headlines right now. the news of oscar pistorius being charged with premeditated girlfriend stunning the world. the olympian remains in custody until bail hearing on tuesday. mean time friends and competitors speaking out about these shocking charges. >> sick to my stomach. he has done so many great things in this world. i'm afraid people are going to notify on all the bad things. i hope people don't forget the legacy he started. >> world's fastest man you sane bolt saying he is shocked and still taking it all.
4:39 am
in the tea party once again under attack and this time your tax dollars are behind it. a new federally funded study charges that the tea party is actually behind the tobacco he lobby. university of california san francisco researchers claim the party is just pushing tobacco company ageneral does. no word on exactly how much of taxpayer money was wasted on the study. but records show the university has gotten at least $7 million since 2007 to study tobacco issues. an an oregon woman staring down the barrel of a gun. >> he didn't look sober so i went on survival mode. >> that is dawn durbin, sitting in her car outside a bar with three friends. when a man taps a gun on her window. grabbed a knife, stabbed attacker and able to rescue him to the ground. others helped her hold the man down until police showed up. 30-year-old daniel groom was
4:40 am
treated for minor injuries and was arrested. those are your headlines. >> she is just a flat out hero. can we get her to the producers in the control room. can we book that woman so we can fawn over her. >> fawn over dawn. >> check in with rick reichmuth who is outside with the first alert forecast today, getting colder maybe set up a wrestling segment. >> she would win. >> >> take a look at temps on the weather maps. cool one down across the south and take a look what happens tonight. we have freeze warnings in effect for tonight and i'm sure they will be in effect tomorrow night all across parts of central florida as a cold front moves through there. some of the coldest air you have seen this year. cover up all that net produce and plants you have got going on. first alert forecast for the northeast today. a little bit of snow flurries across parts of new england and see some lake-effect snow going again. that map looks much worse than it is. this snow is not going that
4:41 am
that heavy. snow across the carolinas exits the manhattan. tomorrow across parts of new england. again, not major snow but some snow. maybe 3 to 5 inches cool across parts of oklahoma. into the northern plains. a little bit of snow as well but we're going to see more cold air continue to move on in unfortunately. still winter, phis. all right. back to you inside. >> thanks so much. >> thanks, rick. >> young kids are captivated by mom and dad's ipads and iphones that's for sure. if you have got children you know that's the case. it turns out they can actually get a lot more out of those devices than just mindless game. >> look who is here. we booked clayton morris to talk all about it and show us these apps. >> educational apps for preschool kids. i'm telling you my son and daughter already my son loves thee apps. we have tested these two two years now kid tested mother
4:42 am
approved. kids need imagination time to play free form but musically. the kids have created toca band. it's only 1.99. ages 2 to 9 years old. focuses on the fun of learning music. create songs, keep adding individual instruments. add a drummer and sing along. my son will laugh out loud for minutes at a time at this game. >> i want to play. this. >> a lot of fun. ingenious. >> tell us about grandpa's work shot. >> this is so much fun. grand paparazzi workshop. is he a colorful character himself. has a grandfatherly flare to grandpa right there. >> no. this is still toca band. here is grandpa's workshop. paint, do different things. grandpa congratulates you as you go along the workshop. videos mr. roger's style to teach but tools and things use saws and count like thumb tacks in a jar and actually the slapping five.
4:43 am
my son loves giving him a high five there on the screen. >> that is exactly like my kid's grandpa. that is what they do with their grandpa. what's wood puzzle. >> the old classic wood puzzle game buy one and done few minutes later. wood puzzle has a number of wood puzzles in the same app. move all of these objects around on the screen. build wood puzzles the way they would. when you are done with this one slide to the next trains, animals only 1.99. my son would play that for like two hours at a time. builds learning and put all these ops objects in spaces one spot. >> endless alphabet which says it is free here. >> this is free one. burn of our family's new favorite ones for learning your abc. endless alphabet. let's kid build words, fun letters. make sounds with t, g. pulling different letters together. take an l. >> g. g, and you put them on the
4:44 am
screen congratulates you and let you know you have formed a perfect word and moved along. it's really a lot of fun. >> last, counting bear. >> counting bear is fantastic. my 9 month old has just started using this one. huge hit in our house early on. learn 0 to 6 years old you can use this learn thousand count and recognize numbers from 1 to 20. count nts on the screen. little farm animals and apples and different things like that. trees. and you decide which numbers to teach. it's very very simple. but it will call out the number as you are going along. >> so it's for 6-year-olds your. >> 0 to it 6. >> more popular with 6 than zero though. >> more popular. any questions on twitter at clayton morris find me on facebook as well. any of your app. questions for your kids. >> thanks clayton. that was great. >> coming up next. ever wondered if heaven is real? this woman knows it's real. because she has been there. she is back from the brink of
4:45 am
death and she is sharing her remarkable experience with us coming up. >> then he may not be in the country legally but don't call him illegal. why he will explain why coming up. ♪
4:46 am
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4:49 am
and call them illegal that it does dehumanize them? >> well, the fact is, that the united states of america is a country of laws. and we deal in legal and illegal terms. we don't deal in undocumented and documented terms. in terms of the law. it's an illegal offense to enter this country illegally and therefore we are talking about not the human being but the actual offense and the law that is broken here: it's very obvious that mr. vargas comes from a family that understands the law they may be documented but the fact is what he is doing in this country is illegal. he does not have legal status. so we can't be ching ago the terms of the law simply people might be offended. >> language matters, of course, katie in political terms. it allows us to think things or prevent us from thinking other things so the change from illegal to undocumented isn't it a way to convince us that immigration laws aren't real laws and that breaking them isn't really illegal? >> that's something that we have seen throughout the past
4:50 am
20 years is when they lump in, they take the illegal part of it. they talk about immigration in terms of just immigration. one thing legal and illegal immigration into one. it makes it impossible to deal with the problem. the head of the ice union. mr. chris crane talked about this and said look, we are not allowed to enforce the two basic principles of immigration law. overstaying our visas, entering the country illegally. when you start talking in terms of documented unundocumented immigration vs. illegal and legal immigration. you can't really distinguish between the two. that's why we are in the situation where we have 12 million plus people who are in this country illegally with the problem of enforcing the law to figure out how we are going to fix it. >> alisyn: katie paf listen editor at town haul. >> school surprise. army sergeant just home from afghanistan and his kids' priceless reaction. that at the top of the hour. >> alisyn: ever wonder what happens when you die? this woman says she knows she
4:51 am
has been to heaven and come back. she has also come back from the brink of tet. she is going to share her amazing experience with us next. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
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4:54 am
>> have you ever wondered what shefn is like. next guest knows because she says he has been there november 6th on her death bed. in a coma and suffering from end stage cancer. her doctors told her husband that she would die within hours. but while anita was in that coma. she says she was as alive as she has ever felt. visiting a world beyond ours and hearing everything going on in our hospital room. she woke up miraculously within months and then was cancer free. here was her amazing story is
4:55 am
author of "dying to be me." >> thank you. >> let's start at the beginning. you were suffering from stage 4 b lymphoma. >> that's right. >> that's end stage cancer. what condition were you in. >> oh, gosh. my condition was awful. i had tumors like the size of lemons it had spread through the my lymphatic system through the base of my skull all around my neck. my breasts, under my arms, all the way down to my abdomen. but i also had these open skin lesions where the toxins were coming out oof my kin. huge open skin lesions. my muscles were completely deteriorated information your organs were shutting down. >> i weighed 86 pounds and i was in a coma. >> you showed up at the hospital in that condition. the doctors -- you live in hong kong. >> i live in hong kong. >> treated at the santorium hospital in hong kong.
4:56 am
the doctors there told your husband that you would die within hours. >> that's right. >> what happened next? everyone thought i was in a coma. i was aware of everything going on. it was just the most amazing feeling. i mean, it felt like i was just being embraced by this unconditional love. oh, it was just amazing. and i could see and hear and feel everything that was going on around me and beyond. >> you weren't scared, you had this feeling of bliss. you weren't scared, however, you heard the doctors telling your husband very ominous things didn't scare me at all. for the first time i felt all the pain was gone, i felt completely free. free of cancer. i felt healed. >> you say that in heaven or whatever you wanted to call this sort of universal blissful feeling, you were
4:57 am
giving a choice. >> yes. >> to stay or to come back to live. >> yeah. i was given the choice and at first i really didn't want to come back because that state is so amazing. there was no reason to come back to a sick and dying body. but then i became aware of what caused my cancer. i became aware that we are actually amazing magnificent beings but we don't realize it and i realized that i hadn't allowed myself to be who i truly am. >> amazing thing about your story. we have heard other near death experiences. life after death experiences stands out about your story is that you came back to the hospital bed. you regained consciousness. and your cancer went away. your skin lesions went away, your tumors went away. how do doctors explain that? >> the doctors couldn't explain it they didn't know what to write in my medical records. oncologist from the u.s.
4:58 am
he actually flew to hong kong to scrutinize my records to confirm it happened. >> you can read more of her story dying to be me." thank you for being here. >> thank you so much. >> more "fox & friends" in just three minutes. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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5:01 am
>> good morning, everyone. it's saturdays, february 16th. i'm alisyn camerota. meteor mayhem. a fireball crashing down from outerspace. rocked. now meteors are headed to the united states. we have video in straight from our own backyard. >> $2 billion a year. that's what you pay for legal aliens to give birth in u.s.
5:02 am
hospitals. federal law is supposed to prevent this from happening but nobody is staying it. >> do should doing this be illegal. one city wants to make texting and falling in a fountain against the law. is that a good idea? we report. you decide. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> it was "fox & friends." >> who was that? >> hillary clinton, of course. >> oh, of course. >> you didn't recognize the me melodious strains of her voice. >> i have a sinus infection. sort of clogging ears. >> good morning, everyone. welcome into "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. tucker carlson. alisyn camerota and i am clayton morris. >> get to the fox news alert for you now. this news, the vatican now says voting to elect the next pope could begin as early as march 15th. earliest date possible under current church rules that require a 15 to 20 day waiting period after the papacy
5:03 am
becomes vacant. get to rome to vote. pope benedict will step down at the end of the month. this is the first time a pontiff has resigned in 600 years. now to more headlines. on the heels of that massive meteor breaking apart over russia. another meteor spotting overnight. this one much closer to home. over northern california. dash cam video of the fire bawling falling from the -- ball falling from the sky over san francisco. [screams] [explosions] sirens] >> terrifying aftermath there. we now know that some 1200 people were hurt when that 11-ton meteor fell from the sky over siberia. it's estimated the explosion did about $33 million in damage. >> if bruce willis in the tv movie armageddon could have stopped it. >> carnival crews trip thought
5:04 am
nightmare was over. the bus broke down halfway there. alert slep rock. another bess was sent to pick them up. meanwhile the first lawsuit has been filed against carnival by texas woman for what she calls the quote horrific conditions on board this suit likely will not be the last. >> i thought about it, yes. i'm pretty sure is going to do that. >> he needs to go into room 7731 shut that door in the darkness and try to live in there for three minutes. >> some lawyers say a case against carnival might be hard to pursue since no one was actually physically hurt. a soldier dad gives his kids valentine's day to remember. let's watch. >> boys and girls, we have. >> hey. >> mr. cedric's dad here with us who just got back from afghanistan. >> oh, so beautiful. sergeant cedric james showing up to surprise his son and
5:05 am
daughter at the school in denver. he has been in afghanistan since last july. >> i love and miss them like crazy. >> it's very good to see my dad. i miss him very much. he used to spend a lot of time with us and he is just the love of my heart. >> he stayed for lunch where the other kids gathered around. and he told him what he does in war. tucker, here you go. >> gets to me. >> these stories get us every single time. >> every time. >> your daughter says he has my heart. that's the sweetest thing. >> the fact that these guys are not only putting their lives at risk but away from their children. it's a big deal. >> all right. let's check in with rick reichmuth with a look at the first alert forecast hey, rick. >> hi, guys down across the southeast coldest air you have had. cold this morning but going to get colder. all kinds of freeze warnings in effect. just north of orlando. we are going to cool down even
5:06 am
more for monday morning. so, just get ready after that, it does warm up again. that's the good news. we had a lot of rain in south florida over the last couple of days. need rain. about an inch and a half. made for gloomy conditions. next couple of days looking clearer. i think most of the peninsula is going to remain fine. the moisture is going to be up across parts of the northeast. i will show you that in a second. cold front behind it cold air bringing snow this morning in towards the carolinas and we have seen a little bit in across parts of new england. it's all light snow at this point. there will be a new storm brewing though as this storm pulls offshore. that's going to turn into another coastal storm but this time i think it's going to remain much farther offshore. we are north going to be talking about a huge blockbuster storm across new england like last weekend. maybe seeing another 3 to 5 inches of snow, boston, cape cod and the islands. also maine as well. also incredibly windy. have to deal with that temperaturewise remains cold across the north and cool across the south. over to you. >> thanks so much, rick. dial it back to 2008.
5:07 am
remember, that contentious campaign between then senator barack obama and then -- well, then senator still senator hillary clinton at the time. hillary clinton for president campaign put out that famous 3:00 a.m. television ad questioning what would our leader do at 3:00 a.m. should something tragic happen in the united states? here is that ad. let's take a look at it. [phone ringing] >> something is happening in the world. your vote will decide who answers that call. whether somebody who already knows the world's leaders? knows the military. someone tested and ready to lead in a dangerous world. [phone continuing to ring] >> it's 3:00 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep. >> little bit of foreshadowing of the reality. premise that every president is faced with unexpected foreign policy crises and you can't really know how he is going to respond until the moment it's upon him and we now know something about how the president responded to the attack on benghazi in which, of course, our americans
5:08 am
including our ambassador to libya were murdered. turns out not really at all. we have evidence of one phone call between the president and the secretary of defense. that afternoon. i think. >> it was closer to 3:00 in the afternoon. it wasn't 3:00 in the morning it was actually the afternoon, that is raising a lot of questions. what happened all hell was breaking loose in benghazi. and the rest of that night? there are still questions about where the president was, what he was doing? was he talking to anybody? was he issuing any sorts of orders for saving the ambassador there. chris stevens, who ultimately was killed? >> parallel linking in the theater still right now for an academy award with the president, of course, and everyone who follows who has followed the president abraham lincoln knows him war department there at all hours of the night. he might be the only one at the war department getting dispatches from the front lines and wanting to know what was going on.
5:09 am
louie gohmert on the floor of congress basically pointing out that he can't understand how the president could be asleep that night on september 11th into september 12th. >> 2012. while all of this was unfolding. listen to him. >> i have no idea if the president required a sleep aid that night but if he did, anybody else in america has trouble sleeping, you better get what he had. because it works well. how the president of the united states could sleep that night, as the ambassador that he put in place, that he put in harm's way was either under attack or he had been kidnapped, being brutalized unspeakable things being done to his person, his body. >> to your point we don't know, right? >> we do know quite a bit. we know that four americans were killed. we know nobody has been held accountable. the perpetrators haven't been held accountable.
5:10 am
nobody is in custody for these crimes. no one in the u.s. government has been fired for them. we also note administration's posture on this is hey, back off. stop asking us questions. we have no obligation to answer them. by the way, we didn't really do anything wrong. nobody is suggesting the president wanted this to happen, of course not. everyone gives the administration the benefit of the doubt on that. this was a disaster. and a screw up. why not just admit it. instead of lecturing the rest of us how all questions are politically motivated. no we have real questions that you haven't answered. >> but the president feels differently. he thinks that his administration has answered everything in terms of benghazi. in fact, he says that other lawmakers are running out of questions. listen to the president on a google forum yesterday. >> this is the most transparent administration in history. are there are a handful of issues. mostly around national security. where people have legitimate questions. where they are still concerned about whether or not we have all the information we need. benghazi, by the way. is not a good example of that. that was largely driven by campaign stuff because
5:11 am
everything about that we have had more testimony and more paper provided to congress than ever before and congress is sort of running out of things to ask. >> there are no legitimate questions still outstanding about benghazi. you are asking questions about benghazi illegitimate. don't you dare ask a question about benghazi. >> hey, i'm not. back off. is it campaign motivated as the president said? let us know your thoughts. >> the campaign is over. the campaign is other. i understand what he is saying to his mind this was all about the campaign. the campaign is over. john mccain and lindsey graham and senators and house -- >> i don't even think what she said is legitimate according to the president. illegitimate even to ask a question. be quiet. >> going to ask a question about this. because we're getting more information out of kaiser health news. put together a little research as to how much money we are spending on medicare and medicaid for illegal immigrants as they enter the emergency room. this is happening in states
5:12 am
with large population of illegal immigrants such as florida, north carolina, california and others. where they go to emergency rooms, they are pregnant and the emergency room hand delsz their pregnancy and the delivery to the tune of $2 billion a year that we're spending on these pregnancies and these deliveries. >> that medicaid is spending and illegals aren't eligible for medicaid but they are getting anyway. the reason is that doctors and nurses just like teachers and pals shouldn't be charged with enforcing immigration law. federal government's job not doing it illegal aliens show up at hospitals. of course they are going to be treated because doctors treated patients. that's what we do. >> if a woman is in labor, she can show up at an emergency room. one of the beautiful things about this country. that she would never be turned away at the door. but, of course, that costs money and it's costing more and more every year. stephan cam rot tax no relation. director of research for the center for immigration studies has some thoughts on them. he shared them on o'reilly.
5:13 am
>> it's clear that we're going to treat them. we're going to provide services. just like if a kid shows up at a school we are going to educate them. if you you want to avoid the cost. you have to enforce your immigration laws and cause people to go home. otherwise, this is what is going to happen. there is no middle ground here. you can't say well, we will let them here but we won't give them education. let them hear but won't pay for healthcare. >> con athletics know is this costs less than 1% of the cost of medicaid. fraction of the overall cost to be clear. this has been happening since the 1980s when congress, to your point, basically said that no one can be turned away. that if you have a patient that comes in the emergency room, a hospital can't turn them away. they are not allowed to really ask the questions. do you have a social security card? are you here legally? they're not supposed to ask those questions. so since the 1980s this has been going on. >> that's one of the reasons that we have 11 million illegal aliens in this country because people from other countries, especially contiguous countries understand come to the u.s., once you cross the border you get free stuff.
5:14 am
free food and food stamps. medicare and medicaid. free housing. you are north asked for a driver's license. a good deal to come here. inducement to come. as long as the federal government doesn't enforce the laws it is sworn to uphold and they're not enforcing them. this will continue. >> let us know what you think. you can find us all on twitter and at meanwhile the man who took down bin laden raising a red flag on capitol hill about veterans' benefits. are we leaving our heros behind after their service in the war in the former secretary of veterans affairs under president george w. bush is going to join us to talk about that issue next. >> then it's the moment have you been looking for. alisyn is going to be going primal in a new workout. >> am i doing this. >> imagine alisyn doing this. >> i think that is alisyn. this is america.
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur
5:18 am
>> he is the man credited with killing bin laden. the exnavy seal known only as the shooter says he and veterans like him are not getting the help they need. after making waives earlier this week by speaking out to esquire magazine now on a new mission campaigning to improve the military's benefits system. so joining us to talk about this is former secretary of veterans affairs under george w. bush's presidency jim nicholson. good morning, mr. nicholson. >> good morning. i'm sure you have read this shooter's story in esquire. how do you explain what happened to him that after 16 years of service, after delivering the fatal blow dliferg the most tries to' three years earlier than he should have put in a pension therefore is he deprived of a pension. deprived of health care for his wife and children.
5:19 am
is something wrong with this >> first thing i would like to do if i ever had a chance to meet him is to thank him for his service and heroic actions of getting rid of bin laden for the world. but he does also now, i think, raise a very important point the services are big and they are governed by law and you have to have 20 years of honorable service to retire and he did not. >> well, what about though -- go ahead, sir. continue. >> well, i think what he is raising and that we should now be thinking about is a new way to give credit for retirement for people like him. i read where one year he was deployed for 300 days away from his wife and three children on a very dangerous always secret mission. perhaps what we ought to do because of the a symmetric wars that he would fighting and what these people have to
5:20 am
go through is give them double credit for times that they are in the impacted zone opposed to being back in the zone of the interior back away from the combat. >> that makes perfect sense. >> i think that's something that congress now ought to be looking at? >> that's a great point he didn't do it because he loves playing golf. he said his body is falling apart and his marriage was falling apart because he had spent so much time away it sounds like what you are suggesting that there be a special category for guys like seal team six members who do just the most dangerous heroic stuff. >> i don't know if we can do it that narrowly combat pay
5:21 am
while they are there i don't know what the number. twice as much time credit for retirement as they do when they are not in a deployed status. this would also be another way to recognize and to thank all those people, especially those seal teams and, you know, those special op.s people who get no credit publicly for anything that they do and they are always in harm's way. and so we can certainly do it for them or a designated specialty that they have. big system so you have to have some uniformity but i think it's time that we think of that. >> that's my next question. we don't have. time. but the shooter went to capitol hill this week. he talked to lawmakers about all of this stuff. are we nimble enough as a government and as a system that we can make some of these accommodations or is this just bloated, bogged down in bureaucracy? will they get some help?
5:22 am
we will see, certainly the department of veterans affairs is nimble enough. he should not be in a cue there for any kind of medical attention that he needs. i mean, he ought to be right in the front line there. i assume that he is that is another question about va benefits. that's taking a long time. we ought to have exceptional system. tried to institute that. those coming back from afghanistan and rawng. >> absolutely. let's hope because of his story this gets more attention and may get the help they need. mr. nicole son thanks so much for joining us with your thoughts. we appreciate it. >> pleasure. >> more "fox & friends" when we come back in three minutes. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential.
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5:25 am
5:26 am
welcome back whether you are looking for new job or want to do window shopping. top five companies hiring right now. founder of ceo of the nice to see you, catherine, welcome back great to be back being back. >> misconception people aren't hiring. >> there are companying hiring up aggressively right now. finding the companies that are growing and sending in many occasion is a great way to start job search. >> i was out at consumer electronics show and every company i talked to was looking to expand and hire. >> absolutely. companies just passionate. need more people, looking for resumes for applications for candidates we rounded up five right now that are really hiring. >> start with this one which is a tech company. group on. they are hiring. >> absolutely. group on is hiring right now. headquarters in chicago just opened up an office in seattle. 40 positions there. sales, business department.
5:27 am
engineer. great place particularly for people interested in ecommerce. group on can be addictive. >> a lot of us have used it but why not consider working there. >> ebay can be ache difficulty they are hiring as well. >> they are working on attracting a lot of new hires. new grads. great place to get your career started. they vin credible programs for mba's. ground grads. both engineering and product but also community management. data analytics, finance, operations. really across a number of geographies and places in the country as well. >> that's great. because we have heard how difficult it is for grads to get jobs. >> it is. especially if it is a company not targeting that demographic. ebay is making an effort there. >> intel lately making a big push into the mobile space to get their chips inside of ipads and other things right now. they are hiring. >> exactly. intel is hiring. looking for very technical
5:28 am
roles. engineering again. seeing a big trend right now. a choice what to study. edges nearing is a great one for career satisfaction. facilities, they are really interesting as well. inted often named as a great place to work. great care of employees. veterans network. a parents association. employees have a work life balance. accommodating. >> goodwill gives back. north a tech company but they are hiring? >> interesting. goodwill is interesting. people think because of retail stores. they vin credible have incredible organization. help people find employment. case managers for retail store leaders. started in boston but jobs all over the country. and i think it's really, you know, in particular a really interested opportunity for people who want a little bit more out of their career. they want to feel like they are helping other people every single day. they say that every 38 seconds
5:29 am
of a business day someone gets a job because of goodwill's efforts. >> how great. >> aol. over the past few years really reinvented themselves. >> aol moving big into online content. media hiring editorial, journalism, ad sales. interesting too. aol has done fantastic job finding sites that are, you know like tech crunch, huffington most, bringing them into the network and takenning separate fantastic cultures inside the larger hole. they have interesting things going on. rather than looking at aol a job seeker could take time to explore different areas and taylor application for patch or huffington post. it's a really great company right now and hiring aggressively. >> they bought actually my friend's web site aol doing interesting things. check out the if you want to learn more about what
5:30 am
catherine is is doing over there good to see you this morning. >> so good to be back. >> coming up on the show, should doing this be illegal? do you ever do this, catherine? walk down the street texting and accidently fall into a fountain? >> it's happened. [ laughter ] >> one city is trying to make this not happen anymore. and let you make sure you walk across crosswalks without texting anymore. we report. you decide. then it's the latest workout craze unleashing your inner animal. we're going to show you how to go primal and lose tons of weight. our own alisyn camerota is going to be doing this workout when we come back. i can't wait to see this. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes?
5:31 am
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♪ need help keeping your digesve balance in sync? try align. it's a probiotic that fortifies your digestive system with healthy bacteria 24/7. because your insides set the tone. stay in the groove with align.
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5:34 am
remember this woman at the berkshire mall in pennsylvania? >> never gets old. >> texting and walking in real life i think she fell twice, fell into a fountain. at the berkshire mall in redding, pennsylvania, because she was texting. now, one city is looking to do away with texting and walking all together. especially when you are in a crosswalk. bill a bill in nevada being proposed make it illegal to be surfing the web, emailing and texting while walking across
5:35 am
because people have been killed. >> whenever somebody bad happens you ought to prevent people from doing something they enjoy. that's the rule if things don't work out perfectly the federal government ought to get involved, the state government and start banning things. >> i hear what you are saying. >> i hope. >> we have saved lives with the helmet lives and seat belts. we have saved lives. >> taking away personal freedom. >> saved lives not text while driving people can't be trusted. >> homes really dangerous to go outside walking outside. why do we allow this? if we could safe just one life. >> are you saying though. >> the nanny state. >> no, i'm saying, i don't know. >> coddling. >> darwinism? the ones stupid enough to walk into a fountain. >> we all die in the end. some things are more important than safety. one of them is human dignity and freedom and adults to make reasonable choices how to live. >> they don't make reasonable choices. >> they often don't. >> sometimes victims are
5:36 am
caught in the crossfire you texting while driving. we know. >> driving is different. but walking, you don't kill anybody. only yourself. >> 11,000 people. >> cause an accident. 58 people died. do you know how many people i do of tooth decay every year? federal monitors making certain you floss. >> get rit of dentists. >> people ogo into comas all the time from yeast infections? >> what else will the government regulate? we don't need another law to keep us safe. >> are you calling yourself judy now u tucker? >> i'm not emailing in above a pseudonym. >> from chris the next thing you know the government is going to outlaw reading books on tread mills. >> that is dangerous. >> already illegal in a lot of places. i'm just making that up. you almost can't make it up. in a country dry where the size of your toilet is regulated there is almost nothing that the government doesn't have a hand in. >> there is a limit. obviously seat belt laws save people's lives.
5:37 am
>> i haven't noticed the limit. >> here is one from carey. people don't have enough common sense to know this is dangerous. then it gives the rest of us something to laugh at. that's what i'm saying darwinism. >> i'm on your side. >> is karl calling himself kerry now. >> survival of the fittest. moron walks through crosswalk texting gets hit by a canchts who would ever do that paging rick reichmuth. >> effect on video. we wouldn't have videos like this for example. >> a man was texting and look what he encountered. >> a loose bear that got out of a zoo. he didn't even notice it. [ laughter ] >> which is surprisingly common in los angeles. all through california. of course, there is a bear on the flag for a reason. >> we have a lot to get to including i'm going to work out like a wild animal. in the meantime, let's get to your headlines, a high speed chase comes to crashing halt and whole thing is caught on camera. [beep] >> iowa police say the driver took off when they tried to pull him over. at times the chase reached
5:38 am
speeds of up to 110 miles per hour. no one was in the cruiser when it was hit. the man behind the wheel did die in the crash. >> former chicago congressman jesse jackson jr. and his wife have cut plea deals with federal prosecutors. they are accused of $750,000 scheme to use campaign donations for personal use. including to buy luxury items like a $43,000 rolex watch. both could face prison time and fines. >> and the high school wrestler in north carolina penalized for praying. the wake forest roseville high school student has a tradition of dropping to one knee for a two second prayer before he competes. before recent match the ref gave him a warning stalling the match and deducting a point. the wrestler wound up losing that match. the coach says is he looking into the rule. >> those are your headlines. >> rick reichmuth outside the first alert forecast. hey, rick. >> little bit of snow flying out here right now. not worry not going to be that bad. new england tomorrow big storm. take a look at the weather
5:39 am
maps. see the temps right now across the country. it's cold across much of the northern plains. really across a lot of the northern country. it's cool. the southeast is going to get some the coldest air they have seen so much if a this year. hard freeze warnings in effect central florida and panhandle and south georgia. south eastern alabama. temps going to be inned mid 20s for extended period of time. that's going to be the case tonight and tomorrow night. so just be prepared for that. look at the rest of the first alert forecast across the northeast today there will be scattered snow flurries from time to time. heavier snow across the mid-atlantic today though. and into the southeast. i should say this towards the carolinas. that becomes a bit of a coastal storm bringing in some snow tomorrow across far eastern parts of new england. down to the south today though. 70 in orlando as that front continues to move through. in towards the northern plains. more cold air. snow across the dakotas and out across the west things are remaining pretty nice at least for now. next storm moves in monday and tuesday. for now looking pretty good in phoenix a lovely 79 degrees.
5:40 am
all right. clayton and alisyn send it in to you. >> thanks, rick. latest trend in working out. unleashing your inner wild animal. >> meow primal workouts mimic animals strengthen every muscle in your body. ali is about to do this here to show us is the creator of stoked primal. kira. >> i want to do whatever creates this look. how did you get this body? >> primal 100%. >> you really do mimic the moves of wild animals. can show me an example. >> for example panther is one of the animals we do in primal. you have to visualize the animal we are about to mimic and have fun with it as well. >> okay. i'm just going to let you demo this. >> i think you are going to get on your hands and knees. >> visualize ago panther. >> think about panther moves. very deliberate. obviously very lean which is what we want. a nice lean body. the first thing i want you to
5:41 am
do is can you recall your toes under and lift your nieces. you should feel your core lock in and quad. >> this is already almost killing me. >> all right. done this is it. >> keeping your knees two inches off the floor. right hands and left foot about two inches. >> feel the panther. >> feel the burn. >> left hand right foot about two inches. what i'm trying to do i'm rotating my elbow in and bringing it toward the floor of the moving hand i get some activation there. >> get me a coffee. >> when we start to go to the pace that we're really looking for during these movements your heart rate increases strength cardiovascular fitness and stability at the same time. >> i'm a believer i i many feeling it. >> core all of your balance. >> yeah. so important your core stays strong. >> i'm curious because we don't need weights or anything else we are just using our own body. >> exactly. >> what are you doing sitting down. >> i wanted to get down to your level.
5:42 am
i'm primally sitting to enjoy. >> >> another animal is can a dragon. fun ways to work your body in a really challenging way. your entire body. >> let me feel. >> you are going to turn your finger tips to the right and place your right hand slightly in front of the left. bring your hands a little further apart for me. extend your leg back. right now in a plank. bring right knee toward right elbow and you are going to do a pushup. >> oh no. >> show it to me. >> give me one. >> look at that alisyn. turn your finger tip left knee toward left elbow and one pushup. there was some suggestion in our studio this looks like really hurt and bad for your body. >> not at all right alisyn. >> i wouldn't say not at all. >> it's fantastic for shoulders. >> right now working shoulders chest, her core, her triceps. she is working on flexibility.
5:43 am
>> it doesn't hurt but it's hard. >> challenging and shocking your body. if we do the same thing everything day. same movements every day with the body. that's when the body stays stagnant and doesn't change. >> last animal. >> bullfrog. >> i'm going to get out oof the way in case alisyn falls or slaps collapses. >> let me show you alisyn first and then we are going to try it? >> good thinking. >> pounce position. so right now i'm sitting back into my hips, core fight on the toes, wog on the flexibility in the hips i'm going to hop my feet to the outlines of my hands hop forward to a tricep pushup. >> that's how tucker walks to work. >> shut up, clayton. [ laughter ] i have already forgotten the first thing i hop forward pounce position. right now it's kind of push back into your hips so you can feel it into your hips and gluts. first hop your feet to the outside of your hands. right here. hold right here. you feel a hip opener. press your elbows against the
5:44 am
inside of your knees. you can either walk -- let's try walking. >> i like the walking above pouncing one tricep pushup elbows skim the side of your body. he is joining. watch out watch out bullfrog. and one pushup. let's see your pounce position. you are familiar with this i'm sure. >> you are a natural on all fours. look at that. [ laughter ] >> you are fine. beautiful, push. i skipped that you skipped the pushup have you ever seen such elegance? >> i have never seen anything like this in my life. >> did i just rip my pants? >> i think you did. [ laughter ] >> thank you so much. >> that was great. thank you so much. tucker, how did you avoid this segment? >> that, ladies and gentlemen was remarkable television is it gobble to get your children
5:45 am
to eat vegetables? this just in. a simple way to stop that struggle. tell what you it is coming up. president is pushing for a $9 minimum wage. is this really a good idea? can government make people rich by law? a fair and balanced debate next. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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5:47 am
woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen.
5:48 am
will the president use the state of the union speech latest push raising this country's minimum wage from 7:25 to nine bucks an hour? what effect would that have on jobs and the economy? joining us from a fair and balanced debate. mark hanna and republican strategist and fox news contributor tony, welcome to you both. >> great to see you, tucker. >> hey, tucker. >> is this how economics
5:49 am
works? government passes a law and everyone becomes more pros officer russ in that sounds like magic to me. >> i don't think $9 an hour exactly equals prosperity in the sense that we understand. no, this is how the american economics has worked for decades and decades and it's consistent with the best traditions of american capitalism. you saw in the 196 os, the minimum wage was well over $10 by today's standards and unemployment went down. every time we have let the minimum wage dwindle, unemployment has gone up. it happened in the 1980s, look, what what matters is that people have money to spend. driven on consumption and production. henry ford. no less an american capitalist. henry ford knew he had to pay his workers enough money so they could afford it the cars that they were gelding on the assem by mr. line. this is something that henry ford would support today if he were alive and i think a lot of my friends in the business community have come out and said that they support the president, of course. >> they ought to be doing it. >> increase $9 an hour.
5:50 am
if this magic pass a law people get more money idea actually works, why $9? why not make it $40 an hour? >> exactly right, tucker. very arbitrary number. a guy like mark hanna thinks it's not enough. always have that argument it should go up. exactly why you don't need the government to make these decisions for you. the free market makes these determinations based on wanting to recruit and retain good employees. minimum wage is not something that people generally live off of. this is one of the biggest can a nardz perpetuated by the president's speech. he put this narrative out there that you are raising a family of two kids on a minimum wage that somehow it's, you know, two family incomes, two people working. and working poor rather who are benefiting from this. only 4.7% according to the bureau of labor statistics of minimum wage earning people fall into the category the president describes. 49% are people under 24 years old who are working and they are the ones who are going to
5:51 am
be the most affected. >> hang on. marc, i want to get back to something you said a minute ago. you said you know business owners who are in favor of this. i wonder why business owners themselves haven't come up with this in the first place. the president very little experience in the private sector knows more about economics than business owners? is that what you are saying? >> i will tell you one thing, first, i want to clear up something because i think tony was being a little bit disingenuous. >> no offense taken, mark. >> parents. this is something that the government has to come up with. business owners know and the ones i have spoken with said we can't pay our workers a little bit more when the competition is paying them 7.50 an hour. 7.25 an hour. there is is competitive pressure to pay workers as little as possible to increase their productivity. >> when you take out the competition we get more efficiency? >> we increase the baseline to $9 an hour and, again, $7.25 an hour. we are talking about $14,500 a year. >> gentlemen, sorry, unfortunately, sadly we are
5:52 am
out of time. we could keep going with this because it's fascinating. thank you, both. >> thank you. >> thanks, tucker. big winners of the product awards. coming up next. and leann rimes feeling blue. find out why she is suing her dentist. we have got details. ♪ o so lonesome for you. ♪ why can't you be hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
>> welcome back, they are just simple nice to see you maggie.
5:56 am
let's start with nostalgia seems to be a big movement late lately. nostalgia goes with m & m, assaultee and sweet as well as girl scout cookies, candy bars, taking that great girl cookie and puts it into a candy bar only when girl scout cookies are not available. a throw back. >> and also one of the trends is hassle. we don't want the hassle. we want to on the go. >> people are busy and get your great quaker oats breakfast on the go. works on putting fiber, grapefruit into the mix and for parents who want to make sure they get their vegetables and don't want it slathered in
5:57 am
cheese. green giant. and use the old mason jar, nostalgia and terrific. >> and we're spng more time outside now. >> alisyn: i'm so using this in my back yard. this is essentially some off. you spray this on your yard, not on you, it keeps over 110 bugs off your porch and lasts for eight weeks. and spring comes, great, great product. >> you plug that into a hose and there you are. >> clayton: we like green products and tired of putting stuff in the waterways and-- >> finish, which actually resolved the great issue of having a solid and a gel in your particular and not mix it all up, and that really works in your dishwasher, all so the
5:58 am
supermarket and laundry detergent. put things in and think the clothes are going to get cleaner and they don't. took a perfect amount for your laundry and in a package that's easier on the environment. >> not all of that extra packaging. for any more information on all of these trends. >> parade magazine. it's fantastic. i hope everybody enjoys it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, clayton, thank you. >> coming up on the show, the president says he wants free preschool for all. we'll dive into it. and how much is the new handout going to cost you. charles krauthammer's take. and the grandson of dale earnhardt is here next. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes?
5:59 am
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6:01 am
>> good morning, everyone. it's saturday, february 16th. i'm alisyn camerota. thank you for joining us this hour. meteor mayhem a day after a fireball came crashing down in
6:02 am
siberia. as you were sleeping, a meteor spotting, this time closer to home. >> tucker: then did blade runner oscar pistorius try to save his girlfriend after he shot her? and brand new details, we have them. >> clayton: talking about breaking news, tucker, a five pound pig making hearts melt around the world. watch this. that adorable little guy, chris p bacon is his name. chris p bacon is live in our studio, he's already here, oh, he just rolled in. >> we love bacon, i'm not sure he's safe. >> clayton: he'll be safe. keep your hands off chris p bacon. "fox & friends" hour four starts now. live from new york, it's "fox & friends" where we promise not to burn up in the atmosphere. i hope so.
6:03 am
>> alisyn: i get your meteoric reference. >> clayton: our meteoric rise. >> tucker: anything more fun than morning tv? i'm not aware of it. >> clayton: you ever watch nighttime television. >> tucker: i've done nighttime television, there are no legless pigs and-- >> we have a wild animal motif today. >> tucker: that's true. >> clayton: i can't wait to meet chris p bacon. >> alisyn: probably the most adorable thing i've seen. looks just like wilber. >> clayton: they'll roll out the carpet, green ache,carpet for him. and people are talking about the meteor, the close clicked on story worldwide this hour because everyone talking about this ten-10 bus-sized meteor that rocketed over sigh gear yeah in russia. amazing video of course, scared everyone to death and 1200 people injured as a result of it. >> right, it didn't just fly over russia, it landed and
6:04 am
when it landed, it landed with such impact that it blew lots of windows out, there were shards of glass that hurt people. >> doesn't it it look like a movie set, tucker, where bruce willis jumps out of his car bus a meteor hits the city. >> tucker: it raises theological questions, nothing you can do about, all you can control in your life. that's a pig in the backgrou background. >> alisyn: if you hear a loud oinking, that's not us. >> clayton: that's not dave our stage manager, that's our pig. >> tucker: this is unbelievab unbelievable. [pig oinking] >> is he angry for scared? >> he heard about the meteor and they're running. >> alisyn: a lot of people are scared. >> tucker: it's one of the few things in this life. >> alisyn: yes, tucker jo we can't control and therefore, not worth being afraid of.
6:05 am
>> alisyn: hold on a second, we know we can't control it, but can we be alerted to it. >> tucker: yes. >> alisyn: do we know because of the cameras where the meteor is coming. >> clayton: earlier we spoke to dave mosier, "popular science," the eye in the sky needs to come from the amateur who have spotted these things and given us more. >> this particular event that warned more people than anybody knowing about. people being a key world. there have been large asteroids wiping out species. the warning signs are going to be amateur astronomers right now. those people have the most eyes in the sky and even nasa is looking at the skies, but in terms of sheer numbers there are lots of people out in back yards with telescopes looking up at the sky and this that missed us was discovered by an amateur. and goes on to argue that you have a former apollo astronaut who is headed up a project for
6:06 am
private interest, interested in mining asteroids for money, main rals there and set up an early warning system that outside of our earth and maybe around venus, watching the near earth objects, he we know what happened before. we know what happened to the dinosaur, didn't all die from smoking, probably a-- >> if they'd had an early warning system we'd have a brontosaurus on 6th avenue. >> clayton: love it. >> tucker: why would you want to know. >> alisyn: so you can get out of the way. >> tucker: it's a meteor from out of space. >> clayton: these people would, if they wouldn't have hit by glass. >> tucker: is this the worst way to die? we're in the end. i would say dying by meteor, would be the best way to go. it's interesting flash boom. >> alisyn: there are meteors hitting five to ten times a year, put on your hard hat.
6:07 am
>> we should mention 20 atom bombs was the size this have thing, according to nasa. there would be no obituary. >> and we have 700 million on the planet, in harm's way, it's going to happen. i'm going to you turker. >> tucker: i'm not going to worry about it. >> rick: you cannot get it out of the way, to save 700 million people, get out of the way. >> clayton: called an earthquake. >> rick: and these are things to worry about, worry about your plants and gardens and craps, and a cold one tonight, and tomorrow night and warm up a little bit, but a cool going, but at least the rain for the most part stopped across south florida, the last little bit of this down around
6:08 am
parts of the keys in miami. this is the cold air that's behind the front bringing a little bit of snow across the areas of new england and upstate new york and we'll watch the next storm that's going to develop as that is off the coast and another coastal storm move in kind of like what we saw last weekend and we're not dealing with tbig impact, but there will be snow especially like places like boston and cape cod, and that's tonight, and tomorrow. back to you. >> alisyn: thank you. we have a fox news alert. and voting to elect the next pope before march 15th. they require a vacancy period meant for the cardinals to get to rome to vote. pope benedict will step down at the end of the month. the first time a pontiff has
6:09 am
resigned in 600 yearsment did blade runner oscar pistorius try to save his girlfriend after he shot her. when the security guards arrived, he reportedly was carrying down the stairs and giving her mouth to mouth. and that is different that he was next to her in the bathroom. and he was been placed on suicide watch after being charged with premeditated birmingham. and the passengers, from the cruise taking a bus, and found themselves stranded again. their bus broke down halfway there. another bus sent to pick them up. >> clayton: and got home, the power was out. >> alisyn: and the first lawsuit for the horrific
6:10 am
conditions on board. this suit likely will not be the last. >> yes, i thought about it, and i was pretty sure everybody-- he needs to go in the darkness and try to live in there for three minutes. >> the lawyers say the case against carnival might be hard to pursue since no one was hurt. >> she canceled dental surgery for a concert. and now she want the dentist to pay up. in the claim, rhymes says she developed severe pain and inflammation as a result of faulty ven nears and crowns and her rep has not commented on this suit. those are your headlines. >> this week of course the state of the union address and one of the big headlines sort of surprising turn, i think, for a lot of people. the president had called for
6:11 am
free preschool for all. if you alive at this point and aware in the 1970's, then senator mondale pushed for this, and then by senator richard nixon in the 1970's, overwhelming support by the senate and died on the president's death. this isn't the first time that the president is thinking of some sort of bold plan in his second term to try to do this, but it's at a heavy, heavy cost and the benefit is the question. we have a 48-year-old experiment that may it will us something about whether or not this will work, it's called head start. we've spent untold billions on head start since the johnson administration received more publicity, good publicity than any other federal program and the results are in. no long-term benefit to head start. now, why is that? i'm not against head start on principle. why hasn't it worked? shouldn't we figure it out before we mandate for everyone. >> you're talking the health and human services, while it helps them become more,
6:12 am
kindergarten through third grade shows no benefit. as opposed to the control group and for what the president is proposing, 98 billion dollars over ten years, again, i think that people might be willing to pay that if it showed what the president was promising and we don't necessarily have that. >> right, and our most prized resource is our children, right? so we can set them up for success, given the verbal skills and socialization stills and if it's sustainable outside of a government regulation, that is to say if, yes, they're in pre-school, what happens when he they leave preschool paid for free. do they go home to a sort of home that's broken and don't have the parental. >> we know that kids whose parents are married are much more likely to excel, and you
6:13 am
know what, all things equal maybe get married before you have kids, have someone stand up and say. >> clayton: and what's part of the head start program. part of the larger conversation. what is the head start-- >> no, no don't have that question, throw more million at it and see if it works. he that's in the why the military is more effective. what worked and-- >> and kids need stimulation and you can go to your grandma's house every day and if your grandma wants to work with you, sit with you and read with you or dog, you have stimulation and doesn't always have to be preschool. and charles krauthammer says how he thinks it's sort of cruel to four year olds. >> and four years old in
6:14 am
america, laughing, jumping around and screaming, having a great time and obama wants them to go to school every single one, to prepare them for the high-tech in the future. can't wait until the age of five, no, siree, we can't-- let the chinese four years old work on cars that run on algae, we're number one and stay that way, the four year olds of america better shape up. have a good day, kids. >> tucker: get to work, children. >> let us know what you think, do you agree with the the plan to bring free preschool to all kids. >> alisyn: shot seven times during the fort hood massacre and he survived. and now he says the government has betrayed him. >> tucker: and the grandson of legend dale earnhardt, zachary earnhardt is off to daytona and first a stop off here,
6:15 am
"fox & friends." ♪ up lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> a police sergeant counted as a hero after taking down an alleged shooter, and hassan is talking about the way that she and other victims have been treated by the government following this tragedy. >> not to the least little bit have the victims been taken care of. in fact, they've been neglect neglected. >> tucker: ouch. more than a hundred others have joined a lawsuit against the government. says that the government is doing little to help in the aftermath of that. and he's involved in litigation and joins us now live from chart. thanks a lot for coming. and so tell us how have you been treated? sum up how you've been treated by the federal government
6:19 am
since this shooting. well, actually, my treatment as of late has been kind of crazy, you know, it's been basically as if like what happened to us really doesn't matter. it's not showing a high level of importance. and those of us that are in the military, we're kind of being rushed out and the benefits that we took, we will receive, if this was a combat eve event, opposed to being called workplace violence is a difference. and more like smack in the face and the service day, we have been given to our nation. >> and sergeant lunsford i don't have to tell you one of the controversies of the aftermath of this tragedy is major hassan is not considered a terrorist, this wasn't considered terrorism. this was considered a workplace shooting.
6:20 am
what's your thought on that. >> my thought on that it's a lie. all military personnel, we have to take the training, level one, anti-terrorist training, level two anti-terrorist training and the fort hood shooting as a terrorist act, one. and two, the evidence from the report, and taking the entire report that dictates that major hassan was following orders from awlaki giving him permission to give his jihad and spawn the attack on the building in fort hood. >> so when you heard the shooter scream allah akbar as he was pulling the trigger and began this. was there any idea in your mind that he was motivated by religion and-- >> no doubt. in our training in the military. we're taught before a jihadist would perform their act. that's one of the things they say, god is great. that's their motivating piece
6:21 am
to give them the imaging to perform any devious act they're going to perform. >> you say you want to make sure that the mistakes that led to this tragedy never happened again. and so what do you want to see happen? >> well, the individuals that were in charge of major hassan when he was at walter reed need to be held accountable, not by a lateral transfer from one department or one division to another. they need to be held accountable by showing dereliction of duty not stepping up and doing his job. the second thing. we need to have better lines of communications between all the federal services, the fbi and others were tracking major hassan and tonight let d 0 d did not let them know. and dod didn't let the fbi or homeland security the issues they were having this guy. >> alisyn: problems. >> tucker: yes, they are. sergeant, thank you for joining us.
6:22 am
>> you're welcome. >> alisyn: coming up have you ever wondered what heaven is like? in woman knows because she says she's been there. she's back from the brink of death and she shares her amazing experience with us next. >> tucker: and he is the grandson of nascar legend dale earnhardt. first a stop at our studios here on "fox & friends." hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
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>> welcome back. some quick headlines for you. actress turned senator ashley
6:26 am
judd? could she be a senator? she's reportedly told heavy weight democrats in kentucky she's considering a run against mitch mcconnell and a decision would be made by may. and having trouble getting your kids just to eat the broccoli? well, sweeten is up a bit. a new study says is a dash of sugar is the best way to get your kids to eat their vegetables? come on. researchers at university of connecticut says the sweetness help to battle the bitter taste of vegetables, never mind the effects of sugar. >> alisyn: i sugar butter. >> tucker: or maple syrup. and beginning racing in 1949. that was grand grandson and now grandson of legend dale earnhardt is following in his tire tracks and jeffrey is in daytona. >> alisyn: jeffrey, good to have you, and is it hard to
6:27 am
live up to the earnhardt made. >> yes, my grandfather made such a name for the earnhardt family and the sport itself. i don't think it's something i could accomplish. >> clayton: you're racing for rookie of the year, invebl honor and feat. when people know your last name is earnhardt. do they have high expectations out of the gate. >> yes, you get it everywhere when he i first started racing he's an earnhardt going to win and it's not like that. i'm out there learning just like every other driver and it's a process, and seat time is the only way to get to that level and that's what we're trying to get this year. >> for your day job you're driving the highest performance in the world. when you leave the track and drive home. >> a chevy 2500, but got totalled the other day. >> alisyn: what? what happened? >> i want to get into this. so you got in an accident the other day. and you hear an earnhardt gets in an accident on a regular road. you got rear-ended.
6:28 am
what does the guy do when he find out he rear-ended an earnhardt. >> i don't think he was quite, quite sure what was going on, but, yeah i figured i'd get the crashing out of the way before i get down to daytona. >> tucker: are you nervous when you drive on the crash. no, the cars these days are so safe and come so far with the safety equipment that they require that we're wearing the soft walls take the impact stuff. >> alisyn: and of course, we don't have to tell our viewers, but your grandfather was killed at daytona in a crash. how old were you? do you remember that time. >> i was 12 and yeah, it was, i was actually at the house and i was watching the wreck on tv and you know, to me, it was nothing that seemed, seemed, you know, very, very bad at all and i went out in the the yard and started playing again and unfortunately, he had passed away, but you know, there's a lot of good that's come out of it like say with the safety they've come out with the hans
6:29 am
device required for the neck restraint and it's, you know, saved a lot of other drivers lives since then. >> tucker: you're returning to that very track on which your grandfather passed away. is that a burden on you? >> you know, it's always, you know, sad the fact of that's where he passed away, but he also built such a great name for the, you know, for that style racing super speedway racing between daytona and talladega he pretty much owned those tracks and going there, it's cool to see the history he laid down at that track. >> clayton: what's your number one priority this year, the season about to unfold. >> the priority for me is to win rookie of the year and get all the seat time i have and requiring staying in the direction and making every single one i can. >> clayton: and up on for another couple of races, and rookie of the year.
6:30 am
>> hoping, we joke around calling it up honor. >> and they came on board for and wendy's with the dave thomas foundation for adoption on our car in daytona for a good cause and excited to have them on the car, too. >> good luck. >> alisyn: thanks for stopping by. >> yes, ma'am. >> clayton: no accidents on the way out of here. >> try not to. >> tucker: coming up, the tea party under attack and your tax dollars are paying for it. it's remarkable story, we've got it. >> alisyn: and a five-pound pig, an internet sensation after a vet stepped in to save his life. we're going to introduce you to chris p bacon. the most popular pig in the world and he's a loud pig and now he's sleeping. >> oh. ♪ [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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6:34 am
children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. the flu comes on fast, so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. >> check out this little ham. no, i don't mean clayton, i mean this piglet. he became a viral video sensation, and born without the use of his hind legs. >> unless they got creative and made a miniature wheelchair for the big out of kid's toys and the video has
6:35 am
now almost 700,000 views on youtube. >> tucker: here is glenn and his adorable little oinker, chris p. bacon, that's amazing. tell us the story, what happened and how do you rig this? >> well, this was all just connect toys that i put together overnight and the story behind it, he was brought into the office by somebody who didn't know what kind of life he could have because you know, he was one pound, didn't have back legs and wasn't sure he would make it on the farm and elected to put him down. and once she set him on the counter, he was full of life, happy, you know, just born. and i said, if you let me take him, ill he' let him live. she was excited. and she got that take to live and-- >> that's so exciting. this pig is making a lot of noise, when the pig was in our studio earlier, it was the loudest little piglet i've ever seen. >> yeah. >> alisyn: what was going on there? >> oh, just everything. a rough couple of days, he
6:36 am
flew in from florida and you know, got in late last night you know, it was busy. >> he wasn't lost with the baggage, was he. >> alisyn: can i pet the piglet? >> he was sleeping a while ago and adorable, we had him in the hallway sleeping and now he's awake again and i guess being in the studio with the lights, can be nerve wracking and show us this rig over here, he kind of scoots, we saw video of him scooting and you've built this out of kid's toys and he's able to scoot fast. in the hotel we kind of let him run, scurry around without it for a while and started to chafe underneath and a point where his weight is going to become an issue and need to be in this more often. >> how big is he going to grow and need bicycle wheels by the end? >> i don't know how biggest' going to get, don't know a lot about the parents, but
6:37 am
anywhere between, you know, 60 and 160. i mean. >> what if it gets to like 260. >> i'm going to have to adapt. >> keep him on a diet. >> definitely. >> real important to keep his weight down having this kind of handicap, that extra wait won't be good. >> he's so cute. and you calmed him back to sleep. >> tucker: you are the pig whisperer. >> and he's has a wheelchair getting ready to go into more permanent. and handicap and adjustable. >> and now, i think he knew just realizes ouch our crew likes bacon and making him nervous. >> clayton: it's a morning show. chris p. bacon, we'll miss y you. rick. >> scared. >> rick: do not let that guy go until they get to hold him and play with him.
6:38 am
so cool. and take a look at the maps, guys, a really nice picture coming in to us from fleischman's new york up in the catskills, sent by brandon, two and a half inches of snow overnight and that front moving through there and now you're clearing out 25 degrees, today getting all the way up to 29 and a cold one across the northeast, and keep sending me your pictures, rick reichmuth on twitter or you report, also. take a look at your forecast for the northeast, scattered snow showers throughout the day and it's not going to be anything that's going to amount to much. tonight and tomorrow, the next coastal storm moves in and it will be kind of a storm for parts of the cape, the cape and the island and we'll see lake effect snow continuing and the temperature remaining very, very cool. down to the southeast, snow across the carolinas, it doesn't happen often, but across parts of virginia as well and temps plummet tonight across north florida and south georgia, a cool one in general. to the northern plains, we'll
6:39 am
have snow also and cool temperatures continuing, obviously, not across the west, mostly sunshine and higher elevation in the snow and up in seattle looking good at 49 and l.a., a nice sunny day and 82. sounds good about now. all right, send it back inside to you guys. >> if congress can't reach a deal on the budget by march 1st, big cuts immediately go into effect in washington and our nation's heroes will be among the victims. peter doocy is live in washington with the details on this. what's going on? >> and tucker, basically, it's a sequester happens, there won't be as much money to train troops in a timely way so the army chief of staff now say that some troops can be sent to the front lines before they're ready or troops currently deployed could end up staying deployed longer. >> we'll curtail training for 80% of ground forces, this will impact our units basic war fighting skills and shortfalls across critical
6:40 am
specialties, including aviation, intelligence, engineering, and even our ability to recruit soldiers into our army. >> and military officials have said any way it slices the sequestration will negatively impact the department and republicans are already blaming president obama for that. >> in his state of the union address, president obama himself admitted that these cuts were a really bad idea. what the president failed to mention is that the sequester was his idea, by his administration during the debt limit negotiations in 2011. >> clayton: republicans want to replace defense cuts with deeper cuts to domestic programs, but president obama thinks a balanced approach is better. >> i disagree with republicans who think we should do that making bigger cuts to education and job training, more medicare and social security benefits. and that would force our senior citizens and working
6:41 am
families to bear the burden of deficit reduction and the wealthiest are asked to do nothing more. >> and congress is on recess for another eight days, but the sequester is set to take effect in 13 days, back to you in new york. thanks so much, peter. what's happening, seven new photos of former al-qaeda leader osama bin laden and they've been found, but we won't be seeing them anytime soon. the department of justice says the pictures of his body after the 2011 raid at his compound are classified and will not be rehe leased to the public. and the doj now, not saying how the pictures were initially overlooked. an oregon woman staring down the barrel of a gun fights off an attacker and keeps her friend safe. >> he didn't look sane at the moment so i kind of went on survival mode. >> alisyn: that's dawn durbin. she was sitting in her car outside a bar with three friends when a man tapped a window-- i'm sorry, tapped a gun on her window and demanded the keys.
6:42 am
durbin grabbed a knife, stabbed the attacker and wrestled him to the ground. and others helped her hold the man down until the police showed up. 30-year-old was treated for minor injuries and arrested. do you ever wonder what heaven is like? one author says she knows. she's suffering from it cancer and on her death bed, anita says she slipped into a coma and then, what she describes as a world beyond ours. she joined us on "fox & friends" to explain it. >> it felt like i was just being embraced by this unconditional love. ownings, it was just amazing. and i could see and hear and feel everything that was going on around me. >> alisyn: she said she was given a choice to stay up in that blissful state or to come back to life and she chose to live. she woke up and miraculously within months she was cancer-free. her book is called dying to be free and it's in stores now. those are your headlines.
6:43 am
>> alisyn: thank you, ali. on the show, here is the secret. marriage is america's most effective anti-poverty program. our next guest will explain that and fraud alert. scammers taking advantage of home owners how you can prevent falling victim to mortgage fraud. >> alisyn: first check with neil cavuto, what's coming up on the cost of freedom business block. >> hey, guys, good morning, how can the president call for dozens of new programs and promise won't cost you a dime? i think we just found his next career. and do you want to know why lawmakers will never get spending under control? it might have something to do with all of these guys and what they're chanting out there. and the biggest airline or traveler's biggest nightmare. the cost of freedom takes off at the top of the hour. we'll see you then. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes?
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6:46 am
>> could marriage solve the nation's problems of violence? and could it also be the
6:47 am
ending to poverty? >> according to the u.s. sen census bureau, by 80%. >> tucker: the director of national marriage week joins us here and thanks for coming on. 80%, there's no government program that comes anywhere close to that that's a remarkable number. >> and the brookings institution says if we have the marriage rates today that we had in 1970, there would be a 25% drop in poverty. >> tucker: brookings being a right wing evangelical-- no, a liberal think tank. >> no, i think this is an area where the left and right can come together. that marriage is an effective anti-poverty program. in 1970, almost 80% of all the adults in america were married and now that's down to 52% so we have a huge loss in the practice of marriage. >> alisyn: is it just because, with marriage there are two incomes helping the household and helping the children or is there more to marriage than that? >> there's more to marriage than that. although, we want to get the word out to the benefits.
6:48 am
marriage does bring you more individual financial stability, more financial stability for your household and the nation and there are huge costs attached to the decline of marriage. but it's really about the children. for the outcome of the child. so children perform much better in school, have less trouble with the law. less addiction, less teen pregnancy. if you really want to give your children the advantage, marriage is the place to get them the advantage and we don't want this to be a campaign that makes anybody feel guilty. >> alisyn: of course, don't want to vilify single parents and sometimes it's the only option and may be the best for their circumstances. >> we want people to find success. and in a few years national marriage has grown to a thousand events across the country this year, where marriage education events and we'd like to see that become tens of thousands and we believe if we've had effective campaigns for anti-smoking and
6:49 am
recycling and exercise, why can't we have a campaign to promote the benefit of marriage and word out that there are things to do to have more success. >> it'd be nice if the political leaders bought into this. and you say the loss of marriage has led to a decline in the nation's marital skills. what's that mean? >> it's a loss of modeling. a few weeksing, i spoke with a privileged 23-year-old young woman mo says she and her friends think that they don't really know what a good marriage looks and feels like because they came from broken homes. and i thought that was pretty remarkable, but-- >> and the responsibilities and pop culture, there aren't a lot of really great, funny movies and sit comes and stuff that show, you know marriage. >> we have celebrities who are modeling unwed parenthood, but they have millions of dollars and don't realize that they're modeling something for people who live paycheck to paycheck and that's not the best situation for them. >> tucker: and partly because political correctness suggests
6:50 am
that it's somehow wrong to endorse marriage as a superior life style. >> well, 41% of all american babies today are born outside of wedlock and we should all rn affecting the next generation, whether they have modeling and they're going to have skills, to have healthy marriages and then pass that on, but it disadvantages children. our message is that we want to help people break the cycle of poverty. that, you know, if you graduate from high school, work full-time and postpone marriage and child bearing until after age 21, you have only a 2% chance of poverty. if you don't do those, 77% chance of being in poverty. so, this an effort toward compassion. helping people break the cycle of poverty, and give advantages to their children and he we want to get the word out that we have resources for how to help people, if they're in crisis in their marriage, and they should realize that people do overcome these crisis. there are stories of healing and reconciliation and it's so
6:51 am
worth it, so worth the efforts. >> it's a great point and it's national marriage week, usa, and people can go there and find out more information. thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> that's great. next, fraud alert. scammers taking advantage of a home owners how to make certain you don't fall victim to widespread mortgage fraud. coming up. ♪ i got a pocketful of sunshine ♪ ♪ oh whoa, whoa ♪ ♪ do want you to want, never gonna break me ♪ ♪ sticks and stones never gonna take me, no, whoa, whoa ♪ ♪ take me away ♪ it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
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>> welcome back. well, many home owners are seeking mortgage relief. scammers are stepping in to take full advantage of
6:55 am
profiting off the situation. how can this fraud nightmare be avoided. let's ask the broke are of the group, kendra, nice to see you this morning. >> you, too, clayton. >> clayton: scam is going on and fraud taking place. how so? >> it pretty widespread and pretty alarming, knowing there are vultures out there literally praying on some of the most financially and emotionally vulnerable people in this country. isn't it enough to know that you're probably going to lose your home to foreclosure? >> right. >> and you know, unfortunately, it really is widespread. i have dealt with countless people on a monthly basis this happens where we'll get a tearful call from someone who gave thousands of dollars to someone who claimed that they could guarantee, they could save that person's home. ran off with their money. >> right, for instance, in one of the top ways that people are being scammed, there are folks out there. people posing as official counselors in what way? >> yes, there's actually four
6:56 am
really big scams to be aware of. the first as you said, people posing as official counselors and they'll create a company that sounds very much like the name of a government agency, a nonprofit and telling you you've already been approved for loan modification and then demand a fee. another scam to watch out for is called a loan audit. they claim they'll have an expert review all of your mortgage documents and any inconsistencesi inconsistencesies, they'll guarantee get out of the foreclosure. >> clayton: i've seen letters in the mail from a mortgage company that says we want to review your mortgage and we'll help you out. and maybe lower your cost. is that something to look out for? >> well, yes and no, the thing is, they're very sophisticated scams and seem like they're legitimate and lenders mr. send you out those types of notices. the important thing is to call your lender and verify that that notice is actually coming from the mortgage holder, or the mortgage servicer who you
6:57 am
may your mortgage payments to. now, there's another one that's really important to watch out for, and it has to do with the attorney general's settlement, last year at the largest mortgage lenders and there are people now calling home owners and saying, congratulations, you know, you're eligible to receive money as part of the settlement. getting the banking numbers and wiping the bank accounts out. >> and another the rent to buy schemes, the signs on the side of the road. rent to buy and move in today. >> that's exactly right. people in foreclosure are going to be evicted from their home and grasping at straws, looking for any way to actually stay in the home even if they can't own it. >> it's important if a company asks you for an upfront fee, that's a red flag. the fcc has a law that makes it illegal for any company to take a home owner's money at any point in time before a
6:58 am
lender is actually given written notification they've approved a loan modification. if they ask you for money, stay away. with can they find you. >> ask kendall underscore todd. >> clayton: more "fox & friends" in two minutes. te si, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. i need you. i feel so alone. but you're not alone. i knew you'd come. like i could stay away. you know i can't do this without you. you'll never have to. you're always there for me. shh! i'll get you a rental car. i could also use an umbrella.
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